Jun 4, 2010

On Tour Now..me!

Oh hello there! Surprised to see me? Me too. As my good friend Rhona said, "I know you're busy, but your blog needs updating." And that is true. Not that I don't think you wouldn't believe me...but this literally was my schedule over the past 3 weeks (seriously, you might think I'm on tour):
5/9 - LA to NY
5/10 - NY to Chicago
5/12 - Chicago to LA
5/23 - LA to Chicago
5/25 - Chicago to Cincinnati
5/26 - Cincinnati to Chicago
5/27 - Chicago to LA
5/31 - LA to NY
6/1 - NY to LA
6/6 - LA to Chicago
Needless to say...I've been around. So I haven't been able to do any tutorials (sads) or photos...but to prove my adventures...PIKSHURES!

First up, MOAR Chicago:
view from a condo balcony in lakeview, chicago
wangs - an "asian-inspired" bar
fiorentinos, my friend''s family-owned restaurant
target knitted vest, old navy over-sized tank, h&m bracelets
my good friend rhona (see above), who happened to be in chicago at the same time - at the roof at the wit hotel
old navy oversized tank, citizens jeans
Next up: Cincinnati! So close to home to Columbus, but so far...
downtown in the 'nnati
view from the millennium hotel (hint: do not stay there)
my senior creative, sarah & i at bootsy's
using me as a mock-up for one of our programs, lol
target shirt, martin + osa skirt, h&m scarf
Well as you can see, I've been around the block a few times, so I'll do my best to keep up with everything as I travel. Be forewarned that it might be a bunch of touristy pictures; sorry about that! :X On the bright side, I'm officially GOLD on American Airlines.

Questions? Ask here!


  1. was catching up on blogs and was just wondering whether or not i missed a post from u. haha i'm a dork. anyways, my fiance travels a lot for work too and he said it has its ups and downs. you still look great on the road! maybe a post on tips on traveling well? take careee!

  2. To piggyback on the other comment, you can show some of the traveling gear you bring with you!

  3. Love your scarf, you look great! Wow that much travelling would really wear me out. I love seeing new places, but the actual travelling part sucks. Hope you get home soon!

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  4. yay! glad you're back :) your pictures are great!

  5. you look great!! are you traveling this much for work?


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