May 5, 2010

Weekend at Work

Since it's typically really casual in our office & the weather was BEAUTIFUL in Chicago, I decided to go the opposite of business-formal with a loose-fitting tank, jeans & sandals. Not something I recommend at a law or accounting firm. But no one seemed to notice, I think the floral scarf distracted them, lol. This is definitely a weekend look, with a volumnized pony.

old navy white tank, f21 peach tank, f21 jeans, uo sandals, h&m scarf, f21 belt
floral barrette: h&m
And to get a sense of what it's like in the Denuo Chicago offices, here are some pictures I snapped:
binoculars to spy on unsuspecting people across the way
personalized wallpaper to make everyone's office feel like home
wtf, why does my SVP have a bagged pickle?! even more importantly, why does this look delicious?
magazines = must always be in the know
el tacador - one of our campaigns. eat tacos & play games.
the view from the window
must be nice to see this every morning!

Now that I've taken a few photos of the Chicago offices, I feel like I should do LA soon.

questions? ask here!


  1. such a cute outfit! i love it :)
    and i love that lamp! hahaha.
    the office has an awesome view, can't wait to see your LA offices!

  2. cute cute outfit. And that's a nice view of the city!

  3. LOL at the binoculars!!

    & my gosh that pickle has some funny packaging! "Big Papa" AHAHAHA!

    && What nice pictures from your building

  4. Hey lady! Sorry I've been MIA recently. Love Chicago -- I have relatives who live there but haven't had a chance to visit recently. You look adorable and I love that you paired the bright scarf with your look.

    Great pics too!

    xo, becs


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