Feb 17, 2011

Photo Bombers

For Valentine's Day, Rye Bread cleaned the broken table that blocked my favorite backdrop for all of my pictures - that brick wall. Well, I don't know if it was actually for Valentine's Day or not, but I counted it as so (I think he got off easy).

I get asked a lot if Rye takes my pictures or if I use a tripod. The answer is both depending on time & day; but there are definitely some pros & cons to having Rye take my pictures:

+ He gets great angles (aka: makes my legs look long)
+ He can take close-up shots of my shoes
+ I don't look creepers taking pictures of myself, setting the timer & running into focus
+ It's hard for me to make "serious" face at him or look away
+ I feel somewhat rushed ("ARE THESE GOOD ENOUGH?!")
+ People think he paid me to be a "model" (gross)

But a big pro when we're taking pictures in the backyard is that he's able to CONTROL THE DOGS. By myself, the dogs LOVE to sit on my feet while I'm standing still for longer than 3 seconds. This makes it impossible to get them out of my shots...if you can't beat them, join them!

I got this skirt from Nordstrom Rack for $7.99! WHAT! It was $22 then on clearance then an additional 60% off. Even if it is a bit of a snooze fest, it's a great work skirt. The belt I'm pairing it with actually belongs to the Gillian Dress from PMN.
h&m button down, nordstrom rack skirt, pmn belt, express tights, aldo heels
poncho (half chow / half lab)
ezio (lab mix and 5 months old) & poncho
all three dogs: poncho, sydney (some terrier mix), & ezio
And now for some pictures of Poncho, Sydney & Ezio. Sydney's giving me a major STINK EYE in her picture, it cracks me up, "Take the GD picture already!" Meanwhile, I tied a Henri Bendel bow on Ezio's collar to Rye's dismay.


  1. oh my goodness! your dogs are so stinkin adorable! especially ezio! i love your outfit too!

  2. omg so full of CUTES!! DAH!!!! Poncho and Ezio...aww.

    ...damnit Sydney! lol. oh well, throw her a ball. haha

    I like how your outfit matches the dogs' colors, lol.


    i love dogs, even if they scare me sometimes.

    the belt adds a nice pop of color to your outfit!

  4. i love that skirt! the whole outfit is very class...
    lol my boyfriend is the same way when he takes my pictures, always in a hurry, but other times he's so picky and will totally undermine my authority and act like we're shooting for vogue or something and that i have to look like a supermodel or something..but he usually gets the job done right :P
    oh and your dogs are sooo cute! especially that last one :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  5. Aww such cute doggie photos! That skirt isn't boring at all, I think the print is quite eye-catching.


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