Apr 25, 2011

Back in Black (and White)

First, thank you guys for 1. your understanding 2. your support and 3. your patience.  It was really sweet receiving emails & comments of your thoughts while I was going through a rough patch.  I've gotten a few questions about Ezio, so to kind of sum it up - when we admitted him to the veterinary hospital, the doctor was very wary of his condition & outcome.  In her words she's very "guarded about his outlook."  This of course, tore us apart.  We left Ezio there under immediate, 24-hour care, and after 4 days, he wasn't improving & actually ended up getting worse - he was still having grand mal seizures, not eating, incoherent, etc.  So after long & heart-breaking talks, Rye Bread & I decided that Ez E wasn't living a full life & about a week & a half ago, we put him down. 

It's been a rough 10 days, the first few days were the worst.  SO MUCH CWYING.  It was heart-wrenching since he was such a small, lively & happy puppy but wasn't able to live the full life that we had planned for him.  As the days move on, we've been able to pick up the pieces, move forward & even one day thinking of adopting another puppy.  Rye Bread put it best when he explained that Ezio opened our hearts with so much love for a puppy, we just know we'd be good parents for another puppy one day.  ONE DAY.
So thank you all again for all of your support - you can imagine the last thing I wanted to do over the past few days was to take photos of myself; but alas, I'm much better now, and the FASHUNS MUST GO ON.

I wore this outfit for my good frand's son's 1st birthday; they had the best thing EVAR - a taco cart!   Have you seen those?  It's basically like having a taco truck...IN YOUR BACKYARD. I definitely know what I'm doing for any next event.
martin+osa top, cynthia steffe shorts, f21 belt, martin+osa wedges
with the birthday boy


  1. oh steph this is so sad...i'm sorry about your puppy!

  2. His short, yet very happy life was well-spent with you! He was alone in the desert and you scooped him up and gave him a loving home. :)

    Rest in Peace, Ezioooo. I miiiisss yooo!

  3. I'm so sorry about your pup. So sad =(

  4. Also, your chic outfit is a very sweet ode to dear Ezio (black fur! white crest! Henri Bendel scarf!)

  5. OMG. :(
    i'm so sorry about ezio! i know how heartbreaking loosing a fur-family member can be.

  6. Rest in peace adorable Ezio.

  7. steph i'm so sorry to hear that =( i have a little boy doggie that i adopted about a year ago and the thought of him growing even one year older makes me terribly sad. i'm glad you guys are moving forward and hopefully you'll be able to give another puppy a wonderful home soon. ps you look lovely =)

  8. So sorry to hear about Ez E. Must've been so hard for you. I can't imagine how heartbreaking that would be! :( :( :(

  9. I'm so sorry you lost your pup, I'm sure you guys will be great pup parents in the future. I can't imagine losing my pup so it must've been so hard on you. At least you have great memories and smiles. take care!

  10. Absolutely amazing, fierce outfit. SO in love with it. SOSOSOSOSOSSOSO in love.

    I am so sorry to hear about your puppy. :( I hate hearing stories like this. At least your puppy lived an amazing life with you, even though it was cut short. <33 Hang in there.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. omgosh steph i had no idea it had gotten that bad.. i'm so so sorry!! i totally know how painful this must be for you because the idea of having to put down one of my doggies would seriously just eat me up inside! i'm so sorry!!!

    but you look GORGEOUS like always :) heart your outfit so perfect for a bbq!! those wedges are killer on you girl!

    oh and yes smashbox :) i love giving gf's good makeup because i never spend money on expensive makeup myself so i always find that i give it as gifts because i would like to get nice makeup myself HAHAHA.

  12. really pretty, classic outfit on you! looking gorgeous!


  13. RIP Ezio. I can't imagine how sad that must be for you guys, but it's good that you are both taking the positive angle on it. At least he's not in any pain now.

    Re: outfit - love it!

  14. Just found your blog and like your style. Your outfit is simple but very cute. The puppy is so cute. It is a horrible pain to go through when losing the love ones whether it is people around us or animals. I had so many dogs in the past and it was heartbreaking seeing them in pain and losing them one by one. Hope you are getting through this tough time soon.

  15. awww, Ezio is so cute!! he'll get used to his new home soon and the crying will stop. it's normal and happens with all new puppies. :\

    and i really love your outfit! that pop of color from the yellow belt is perfect!

    cute & little
    come check out the color brigade!

  16. You look beautiful. I'm so sorry about your puppy. When I was younger we had a little black lab that we had to put down when he was around 12 or 14 weeks old. He had a birth defect and he couldn't eat solid food. It tore me apart. Not saying it's the same thing, but I can certainly empathize with you. Feel better sweetie!

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  17. {{HUGS}} So sorry to hear about little Ez E. I'm glad he was able to bring the happiness only a puppy can bring to your life and I'm sure he had the best life a pup can have!

  18. Sorry to hear about the news regarding Ezio:( I'm sure he's at a better place now and will always remember such loving parents he had:)

    Yep, i say you guys will be great parents for another pup!

    Btw, love love your outfit!!! So spring!!! The wedges are really cute, esp the details.



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