Apr 27, 2011

Springing into Action

Ugh I need a better title than that.  What is wrong with me?  So many spring puns, and THAT'S what I came up with?  I'm sorry readers.

As you guys may (or may not) know, I'm a huge fan of consignment (or second-hand) stores - Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading, etc.  Like any thrift / vintage stores, it's hit or miss, but I've been able to find a few gems; especially when it comes to jeans.  7 for All Mankind for $25?  Not bad!  Citizens of Humanity for $17?  Can't beat that!  When you sell your clothes there, you end up getting more bang for your buck if you exchange it for store credit (versus for cash), but the only catch is, when you are trying to sell your clothes, don't you feel SLIGHTLY OFFENDED when they DON'T want your items?  I understand that usually it has to do with seasonality (e.g. they don't want me winter coats when it's June), but when they pass on things like blouses, shoes, or even Rye Bread's suits...we were both like o.O! "What do you mean you'll pass on this? Do you know how MUCH THIS COST ME?"  Rye Bread experienced that for the first time when he was trying to sell his designer suits & shoes - they were like, "hmm...we'll just take your shoes."  I saw the look on Rye's face when they DENIED the rest of his clothes (and even some of my shoes!).  Oh well, out of his one pair of shoes that they did want - I ended up exchanging it for this Tulle skirt that I wore on Easter.  And $4 cash, lol.
martin + osa blouse, tulle skirt, martin + osa belt, LAMB shoes, hermes bracelet
Also, as a birthday gift (half from Ryan, half for myself), I snagged these (among another) pair of LAMB heels.  So tall, but I LOVE THEM SO HARD.

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  1. Cute Easter outfit, and...new shoes! I like these better than the ones you almost got in November.

    Aw, Poncho's collar matches your skirt!

  2. hahaha! so why DID they pass on the rest of his stuff? That sucks... i'd probably be offended too. I've got to give thrift shopping another try... for some reason i feel weird about wearing someone elses clothes whom i don't know! and the thrift shops i've seen here are old, sad, and dirty looking. =S maybe i just haven't found the right place!

  3. Hey! I have that skirt in black (but I cropped mine!) I'd kill to get it in blue, too. I had a similar experience at Plato's closet.

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  4. 1. Heart your H bangle I so want one I just can't seem to pull the trigger does it scratch easily?

    2. Adore your lip color you have the most gorgeous smile!

    3. Love that beautiful tulle skirt! Such gorgeous vibrant blue!


    4. So know what you mean about tall shoes it makes me feel like I can take on the world hehe

  5. I know what you mean about them being picky. For the most part, they like really really weird stuff.

  6. This skin is all kinds of perfect!! Love you in this bright color.

  7. haha I feel slghtly offended when Buffalo Exchange passes on some of my things, too. I used to take the clothes back, but now I donate the unwanted items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill (tax deductible!).

  8. This look is absolutely gorgeous on you! The skirt is amazing, seriously.


  9. You and your blog are adorable!

  10. It can be the best easter outfit.And this bright colour suits you alott.


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