Apr 5, 2011

Flower in Your Hair

Guess what guys?  It is totes my birthday today!  Hoorah!  You know those people who are like, "Yeah, whatevers, it's my birthday, no big whoop. It's no big deal, it's okay...just another day."?  That is NOT ME.  This entire weekend I was like, "It's my bday, it's my bday, it's my bday" (even though it wasn't yet)...Ordering at Starbucks?  "It's my birthday"  In our weekly work status meetings?  "It's my bday"  Celebrating my co-worker's birthday at his house "It's my bday."  The airport security guy checking my ID & boarding pass even wished me a happy birthday. It's my birthday ya'll!

2/3 of my outfit is from PMN, since I gotta support my FRANDS.  Except this skirt. So tight. Cannot breathe. Cannot eat.  Eating & breathing is overrated anyway.The basic rule of thumb when wearing skirts like this is to balance the materials - so since this skirt is a heavier material, I balanced it with a silk, flowy top.  Heels is a MUST with this skirt as it cuts me at a weird point in my legs (making me look shorter), so the heels help negate that. At least, I HOPE.
 pretty much new top & skirt, martin + osa wedges, daffodil flower
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  1. LOLLL you are too funny. First and foremost, HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! you look lovely and the flower and colors are perfect. I hope you had a wonderful weekend =)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You only get a birthday once a year, so you gotta milk it for all its worth! :)

    You look so pretty, I'm loving the balance of textures and colors. :)

  3. happy birthday!!!! hope it's fabulous!!! love the outfit!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You look lovely in yellow. :)

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  6. Cute outfit!

    Thanks for the comment.

    So i had luck that i caught these beautiful cherry blossoms :DDDD

    But i heard somewhere in L.A there is a cherryblossom festival ??? do they have cherry trees?


  7. OMG!! I AM SO LIKE YOU!!! bahahahaha

    the entire month leading up to my birthday i remind everyone it's my birthday bahah!!!

    omg love love they grey pleated midi that is so pretty! i love how you paired it with a bright yellow blouse! you look so pretty!!

    i would so totally invest in a pair of tory burch's they hurt like hell but after you break them in they're uber comfortable and they really do jazz up any ho hum outfit!!

  8. eating is NOT overrated! i wish i could eat all day.

    (breathing is totally overrated though. screw breathing.)

  9. Happy Birthday! I love my "birthday week" when all I talk about is ice cream cake and Asian bakery cakes and how I want them all! I like your top a lot! So bright and happy!

  10. I really love that you tell everyone that it is your birthday because I do the same thing. I even have a birthday tiara that I like to bust out for my birthday week just to make sure that EVERYONE KNOWS. Really, how can you miss a frickin' tiara????

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Happy birthday! You look lovely! And your skirt is awesome and doesn't look at all tight. :)

  12. Happy Birfday sistah sistah! What a sessy over-the-shoulder pose. Did you self timer that? lol

    Oh man, Ezio looks so soft! Sydney looks like a big scruffy cotton ball. lol

  13. The doggies look clean and soft! I agree. Happy 31st Birthday, Stephanie!

  14. HAPPY BDAY FRAND! maybe i should've kept that top man.

  15. happy birthday, beautiful!! i love everything about your outfit!! the yellow is gorgeous and you're totally rocking that midi pleated skirt. i need it now! :)

    cute & little

  16. happy birthday! love the skirt!

  17. you have beautiful style, i really love this yellow on you!


  18. i love how you paired out your outfit!!! The yellow top is soo summery! and i like how u added that Chinese jade braclet to add a bit of a twist to your look;)

    Oh, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a superb one:D



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