Mar 28, 2011

Back in the 714 Days

Even though I live in LA now, a lot of you guys know that I'm from Orange County (a quick 40 minute drive south) & love going back on the weekends.  I don't know - maybe it's nostalgia, the free parking, or the less douchebaggyness that brings me back; either way, I always find it a treat when I go down on the weekends (twss).  What's funny is that I sometimes feel I do have an "OC-style" ingrained in me.  In my opinion, OC is definitely more laid-back, girls in tshirts & Chucks, guys in Rainbow sandals.  When I wore this to go down to South Coast Plaza & I saw three other girls wearing jean shorts & tights, I was like, "MY PEOPLE!"

I love this men's shirt but totally forgot what brand it is; though I did get it at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, if that helps at all (probably doesn't).  The kind folks at Wanted Shoes were gracious enough to send me a pair of these Oxfords & I love them!  Though I'm pairing them up with something more casual, I can't wait to wear them with floral dress & tights.
fred segal men's top, american eagle jean shorts, f21 belt, hue tights, wanted oxford shoe
I've been wearing OPI's Black Shatter nail polish pretty religiously over the past 3 weeks (since purchasing it).  It probably is one of my favorite purchases this Spring!  Yes, trendy.  But for $8.50, I am going to wear the CRAP OUT OF IT until it goes out of style.  My friends like it with a light background color (e.g. gold or white) because of the dramas it brings...but I like more rich & bold colors as the base (e.g. teal or greens).  Here, I'm wearing it with Confetti brand nail polish in White Knight - it's literally $1.99 per bottle from CVS. BEST FIND EVAR.  They have really nice, muted colors - I'd totally recommend (though I can't find the link to it).
Also, after a month of searching, I found a primer & foundation that I like!  I went to Sephora at South Coast Plaza - did you know they have a sub-store just for Makeup Forever? AMAZING.  There, I tried on their All Mat Primer (purchased), HD Foundation in 128 (purchased), Sculpting Blush in 8, and topped it with their HD powder (next purchase!).  I'll have to pace myself when it comes to buying new makeup - I tend to go a bit overboard.  I wanted a foundation that would give me full coverage, yet not looked CAKED ON in-person.  Such a delicate balance.  This is how it looked in the car on the way back to LA:
Not too bad, right?  This weekend I also got my (early) birthday present from Rye Bread!  This is how it went down:
Rye Bread: "Want to look at L.A.M.B purses?"
Steph: "Duh."
Steph: "OoH this one is nice!  Feel how soft it is! And it's a crossover bag! Awesome."
Rye Bread: "Happy Birthday!"
Welcome to the family.  Also, here's a picture of EZ E.
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  1. I have been on the hunt for confetti nail polish - can't seem to find it in stores anywhere. Must be time to get on Amazon. ;)

    You look gorgeous as always. I'm loving oxfords for spring. :)

  2. ohh love your OC inspired outfit you look absolutely gorgeous!

    heart your new purse and your dog is so cute!!!

    actually they're stickers.. you can find them at pretty much any asian store.. which since you live in LA there should be a lot of them hahaha.

  3. hahah your bf is so smooth. Sounds like mine! Bet they'd love to play video games together while we go shop :p

  4. I've lived in OC all my life, so I know exactly the look you're talking about and I think you pull it off very well!

    So very jealous of the OPI polish - every place I've gone to have been sold out and the prices are inflated on ebay :(

    Love the bag - crossbodies are my favorite.

  5. perfect shirt!!

  6. Hey gorgeous, your photo is beautiful- Love your dog, the brogues and your tan bag!!

    Come visit my blog :)

  7. Nice purse! Can I have your old one? I promise to not throw up in it. =B

    Can't wait to see what else you pair those oxfords with!

  8. LOL i couldn't help by giggle while reading your post. first off, love the outfit! plaid shirts are so easy going but still chic at the same time. HAHA the conversation with the bf is presh, eek the bag you picked is so cute and he obviously knows you well. ANND finally, agreed new notebooks and pens are one of life's exciting treats fer sure =) you look great!

  9. Not only am I an OC girl, I am also a die hard Bolsa Girl! Love dragging the Hubs down there every weekend to eat Vietnamese food. And girl, how do you not know about the beauty supply stores in Westminster?! They all sell OPI and Essie for CHEAP!! Like half off retail prices. I got my Shattered polish for $5 and I thought that was pricey. I usually don't pay more than $4 for OPI.

  10. hi cutie girl!thanks for stopping by me
    nice blog you've got there
    i like the outfit. esp. the shirt- you look great in yours
    wish you a wonderful week

  11. Really fun look!
    Love your manicure!


  12. 714 represent! I grew up in OC and moved to LA for college and then after graduating lived in Los Feliz for a few years. The styles are so different and it's hard to explain to peeps who aren't familiar with both places. Now I live in the 562, which is sort of like a no-man's land between the two. But I do wear my Rainbows whenever the weather permits.


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