Mar 25, 2011

Put a Bird on it

Does ANYONE have IFC or am I the only one missing out on the delciousness that is Portlandia?!  I've only been able to watch snippets on Hulu & on IFC's site, but it makes me so sad knowing there there are FULL episodes of these sketches I'm missing.  Fred Armisen cracks me up.

Anyway, isn't it weird when one little purchase can set off an entire inspiration?  I'm pretty obsessed with this big bow clip & have decided to find new ways to do my hair with it.  I was in a rush this morning & so I took my pictures in my office conference room.  Resourceful, I am...though the lighting wasn't the greatest.  Sorry!
While my friend was in town last weekend from Chicago, we decided to have BESTIE-VILLE 2011, where we did the girliest things possible.  One of these activities included me doing her nails where tried to do the opposite french manicure on her, adding glitter to be fancy.  It turned out...AIIGHT. She asked if I wanted to take pictures of the process but I was fearful that it was going to turn out horrible, but now I regret it because I know I can't do a tutorial on myself!  I then decided to do glitter on my own nails to be fancy & it was the WORST idea ever.  First of all, it only lasted for 2 hours before the sequin & glitter started falling off...and second of all (and worst of all), I CUT MY FACE while washing it!  That mother effin' sequin...

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  1. I wish i had that channel too. You're not alone in missing out on entire episodes of Portlandia.

    oOo glittery nails AND shoes? Sorry it cut your face, lol

  2. you look soo cute! the bird bow is super cute in your bun! i basically love your entire outfit =)

  3. super cute outfit! love your bow and the tom's :)

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  5. the put a bird on it sketch is HILARIOUS! and your hairbow is adorable!

  6. i love that bow and how u used it to do your hair:D Great blog btw:D


  7. Haha your posts are always so hilarious. Damn that's some lethal glitter there sister! At least you look cute in your outfit while doing that.

  8. great pictures,,,really like you blog. I am your new follower, visit my new blog and be my follower if you want

  9. Adorable outfit. I LOVE how you did your hair and I love those shoes!

  10. I don't have IFC and everytime there's a cool new show, I curse not having it only to forget to pony up the extra dough to add it to my package. SIIIGH. And eeps! Sorry to hear the glitter got all slice happy--hope your cut heals soon!

  11. Cute! Not sure if I have IFC... I've never heard of it, but I'll have to check when I get home!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  12. ahhh you cut your face?! i would totally do that, haha

    your shoes are super cute. i kind of want a pair of toms. do you find that they run a little large?

  13. Your shoes are fantastic, love your blog.


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