Mar 19, 2011

For Japan {Corter Leather Bracelets}

While I was in Austin about to embark on SXSW, the devastating news of Japan hit the news waves. There was definitely a sense of "What do we do / how do we feel here?" feeling at SXSW - afterall, we were there to explore the best & worst of film, interactive & music, but it was hard to not have that heavy feeling in your heart for those who have lost so much.

While I know everyone is doing what they can - donating to the Red Cross, the blogger's Day of Silence, etc. I saw a post from Becs of Style with Benefits of this amazing bracelet with all proceeds going to The Red Cross.  Corter Leather, based out of New England, noted that as of March 17th, they raised over $14,000 for The Red less than 72-hours.  Now that's some purchasing power.  My sistar, Rye Bread & I got one to show our support.

Of course I encourage you to do what you can - donate via text or online to help those in need.  Aside from the Red Cross & Corter Leather, there are other companies incentivizing people to donate. has a "deal" where they will donate an additional $5 for the $5 you donate ($10 for $5) - they already raised $2.1M. And American Airlines & United Airlines will award you frequent flier miles for your donation.


  1. Wow! I was thinking about getting something similar last month. Even though I've already donated from my work, this is a good opportunity to help more.



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