Mar 17, 2011

How To: Scarf Braid

This is my 3rd video tutorial & I realize that all three have been about BRAIDS. I apparently do nothing but braids. BRAIDS HUNGRY. This tutorial though involves a scarf...ESCANDALO!

Seen here, I've been meaning to do a tutorial for this for awhile now. It's super fast & easy...all you need is: your hair, a long, thin scarf, and an elastic tie:

I absolutely love this scarf - my good friend Rhona gave it to me as a "get well" gift when I was sick last year...and I find every way possible to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

Hopefully you'll try this look for Spring & Summer! Don't forget to enter my dress giveaway! It's really easy & if you don't enter, I will take the dress myself. More of a promise than a threat.

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  1. damn. one day when my kinked-out hair gets long enough, I will do this (!!)

  2. oOo, purty! Your braids tutorials get progressively insane! I still need to practice doing a french braid... :( lol.

    I think you're gonna grow one of those Avatar braids one day.

  3. Love that scarf!


  4. so simple and cute, i love this! great video too.


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