Sep 6, 2010

Do-Over, Done-Over

Rye Bread recently bribed me with Hermes scarf (in turn for taking my elusive GMATs), and I received a booklet of a bunch of different ways to tie scarves. I'm already OBSESSED with scarves, but have been wearing them SO SIMPLY (aka: like a SCARF). I was super excited to try out all these different ways; while this isn't EXACTLY what was described (nor is this an Hermes scarf), I saw this in an ad once and have been dying to try it.
f21 shirt, target skirt, tom shoes, f21 scarf

Every summer, a bar in Hollywood starts their drinking hours a lot earlier on Sunday afternoons (2pm) and hosts a small backyard-like party outdoors, called Do-Over. They serve primarily sangria & beer by the carafe & pitcher. This is definitely the place to be, with a laid-back vibe, everyone chills to soul & hip-hop music and sangria-stained shirts. This was my first time there - and it was SO PACKED because of Labor Day. My friends & I waited in line for over 3 1/2 hours. Was it worth it? Yeah, it was fun. But I'm telling you - thank GOODNESS there was a Rite-Aid down the street so we could DRINK in line. I'm not condoning public drinking (cause you know, it's technically against the law & all), but it did keep me in good company last Sunday.
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  1. ooooh, a hermes scarf?!?! lucky!!! i love how they show you how you can wear them as tops, or belts, or just many things i would never have thought!

  2. you took your GMATs?! do tell!
    I already told you that you look like a gypsy...but i'll say it again "You are the queen of the gypsies!"

  3. I LOVE how you braided your hair!! What a lovely print scarf! And I love how you mixed brights in your outfit... ;)

    Awesome pics, especially the black & white ones!


  4. i like the way sydney bristow is mirroring the FDR pose with you. jd.


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