Sep 8, 2010

Queen of the Gypsies

I'm trying all sorts of (creative) ways to wear scarves now that my eyes are opened to all of the possibilities. Since Fall is coming up quick (quicker than I'd like...what's going on with you weather?), it's the perfect time to whip out your scarf & play with it.

Hmm...that didn't sound right.

I checked out the new Santa Monica Place - the renovation of the old Santa Monica mall across from the 3rd Street Promenade. It was nice, almost like a cross between Hollywood & Highland and Century City. I tried wearing my scarf this way...I couldn't tell if I was actually rocking it...or if I looked like an offspring of a gypsy & pirate. I mean, I didn't wear hoop earrings & carry a parrot, so I should be okay, right?
h&m scarf


Congratulations to Kimmie for winning my first ever giveaway thanks to! Please email me directly (via my blogger profile) with your full name & shipping address; congrats again!

P.S. I'm also thinking of doing another giveaway (but from yours truly) since it was well-received. Whattaya say?


  1. Haha I wish you hadn't mentioned pirates b/c now that's all I can think about when seeing these photos - sorry!! The scarf is a really pretty print though!

    What's your Fall Fashion Frenzy? Tell me & you could win a $100 gift card from ShopBop!

  2. Now all I can think about is I LOVE LUCY. haha. Congrats to Kimmie!


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