Sep 21, 2010

Buried Treasure: Leather & Lace

One day I was cleaning out Rye Bread's sister's closet (to ahem, store some of my own stuff). Don't worry - she's up north, so it's not like I put her stuff away as she watched! I found a trashbag of clothes (aka: BURIED TREASURE!), and pulled out a few dresses; turns out that they fit to the T! Also, they're from her high school about trends circling around! (And weird that I fit into her high school clothes.)

I absolutely love this dress - definitely my favorite out of the bunch. So easy to update with a cardigan, but this time I paired it with leather jacket to balance the romanticism of the lace.

Also, what is going on with my hair?
laundry dress (from the 90's), ashley jacket, shoedazzle shoes

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  1. Love how you toughened up your feminine dress with a leather bomber!!! ;)


  2. i love these pictures! that dress and jacket are great together...and your hair looks great! i wish mine would look that good when i wear it up :P

  3. You can kick some butt and make it back in time for a dinner date. I like your hair, even if it's a tad messy. Maybe you already DID kick some butt (Poncho butt, haha).

  4. that dress looks gooood. you see, this is why i have so much trouble getting rid of my old clothes--what if i want to wear it 10 yrs later?!


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