Sep 2, 2010

Adventures! Randolph Street Market

I decided to stay in Chicago a little longer over the weekend to stay with my good friend Sarah (who works with me). And since we're kind of lonely in our respective cities (so ronrey), we decided to make it the GIRLIEST weekend of them all!! To my dismay, my camera died after the first day, but I did want to share our experience at the Randolph Street Market.

Online it stated that it was basically a huge vintage street fair to find unique & unusual goodies. Perfect! It was $12 to get in, but there was a free trolley to & from. We were super excited to find all sorts of vintage dresses, jooray, errthang!

We sad now because it was seriously the biggest disappointment! There weren't ANY unique finds. Instead it felt like it was the worlds largest GARAGE SALE. By vintage, they meant crap people were trying to hawk. But NOT at garage sale prices! Even worse!

At least I got some pictures out of it...even if I did leave empty-handed.this is definitely a look for ladies who lunch
i'm kind of hoping the fur stoles i'm wearing is faux...some of the had heads though.
ill-fitting & over-priced
these boots were made for walkin'....outta there! bazinga
equestrian hats are surprisingly heavy
don't forget to ask your waitress about moo-cow creamer (shUTTERS). i'm here all day people!
leather chaps? i'll take 2!

And while I am complaining about how varying the word "vintage" is - and how it means so many things to so many people; overall it was an amazingly girly weekend. So much so that when we arrived at work the following Monday, our male colleagues could see the rainbows & sunshine emitting from our smiles.

Oh! I'm tallying up the entries for my first giveaway & should announce the winner tomorrow! What a great way to start our Labor Day weekend!

What are you doing this 3-day weekend?
(I get a 4-day weekend, teehee!)


  1. 4day weekend?! lucky bum you! i think i'm going to have some vino this weekend! can't wait! have a great weekend!!!

  2. Those boots look adorable! Enjoy your 4 days off! :]

  3. I love chicago! I just was there a couple weeks ago =) Sometimes the best part about street markets is just looking around and taking pictures. Hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Mine will be spent doing lots of eating and sleeping ;)

  4. haha, "bazinga!" Wish you could've gone to DC with us, then I would've remembered to get you a souvenir. lol. sad


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