Sep 20, 2010

Sweet Rose

Wore this last week before heading out to Brentwood Country Mart. A super cute & quaint shopping area (with really expensive shops). I don't know what happened to my go-to spot for hot chocolate, City Bakery, it went away. :( Instead, we went to Sweet Rose Ice Cream - a creamery that purchases a lot of their produce from local vendors. They also make a lot of their stuff in-house (marshmallows, cones, chocolate chips, etc.)

old dress, cotton-on sweater, f21 belt, shoedazzle shoes
look at my new shoedazzle shoes - they're really stepping up their game
So at Sweet Rose Ice Cream, I tried their mint & chip ice cream and was in a for a surprise! It wasn't what we could consider the normal "mint & chip" but ACTUAL mint...I'm talking it was like licking a mint leaf. But after the shock of NOT having Baskin-Robbins type ice cream, it was really nice & refreshing. They made their own chocolate shavings there...and evidently forgot to shave a HUGE CHUNK of chocolate in my scoop. It was like finding a candy bar in my ice cream cone! A good surprise? Maybe...a chocking hazard? Definitely.
rye bread's banana split
Then we drove down to Melrose to London Sole to purchase my first pair of FANSHY black flats. I tend to go through my flats like I go through my men (haha, not really, but I just wanted to use that joke); I've been going back & forth between Tory Burch flats, but I felt like everyone had a pair, and also I'm afraid the emblem is just going to come flying off one day & sever someone's head. You don't know, IT COULD HAPPEN!

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  1. very interesting about the actual mint leaves in the mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! :)

    i love your hair! i can never curl my hair. it just looks like a mess when i do it! hahaha.

  2. great outfit! so classy and chic :) and that ice cream looks so yummy!

  3. I guess if you've been a member long enough, they give u better shoes? haha.

    *looks at banana split* Um...Rye Bread needs to jog a few miles now. haha

  4. You really make that outfit look great. Very classy and the boots fit it so well. :-)

  5. This is such a lovely look! Cute boots and I love how you doubled up on the belts! ;)


  6. Omg I love your hair, it's always so perfectly gorgeous!! And such cute, easy-peasy outfit, Rye Bread is a lucky dude ;)

  7. Hey lady! Love the belt with the long cardigan! I need to try Sweet Rose Ice Cream- looks so yummy! We need to meet up one day!! xo, mel


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