Sep 10, 2010

Wrinkle McGee

YEY Friday! Not sure why I'm so excited, I had a four day weekend plus last week & this week were short weeks. I'm just spoiled.

So today is Fashion's Night Out & I'm thinking of going to Neiman Marcus in BHills to check it out, one to go with, will it be crowded, & should I have RSVP'ed? So many questions...also, so lazy. Also, what do I wear? I feel like I would get JUDGED there. Judged so hard for my cheap looks, lol. NO my shoes were not $6,000, my car isn't even worth that much! And I can't valet at Neiman Marcus in my old beat-up Civic, that would just be embarrassing. EMBARRASSING I TELL YOU.

Also, this entire outfit is wrinkled. No time to iron. Stop judging!
zara cardigan, kirkland signature tank (YES FROM COSTCO), f21 skirt, dollhouse heels, f21 belt

questions? ask here!


  1. LOL!!! COSTCO! Hey, you're just keepin' it real. It's budget-friendly AND fashionable! Go there and be loud and proud, haha.

    I also did not realize that this was a nationwide event! I was tempted to go to Cbus' because a japanese crepe cart is gonna be there. haha.

  2. i love that outfit...and it doesn't look wrinkled. (you should see what i'm wearing right that's wrinkled! hahaha)

  3. hey lady! we're going to the grove first and then possibly to the Refinery 29 party or the Beverly Center. what's your email address? i can send you my cell number and we can try to meet up. it would be great to meet you (finally!).

    Love your outfit.. tres chic. If it makes you feel better, I rarely iron and so your outfit doesn't look wrinkled to me!

    xx, becs

  4. Aw you look great no matter how much your outfit cost! I know what you mean though. Fashion people are such snobs sometimes.

    What are you in a Fall Fashion Frenzy about? Tell me & you could win a $100 gift card to ShopBop!

  5. You look amazing! This is such a simple yet chic outfit. Love the pop of color!!


  6. Love the color of your sweater!

  7. haha. I NEVER valet my '94 dented camry unless i absolutely HAVE to. so embarrass indeed.


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