Sep 14, 2010

Fashion's Night Out / TWITTER TRACKER

First thing's first. I was finally convinced to BE ON TWITTER. I've been AVOIDING it like the plague..mainly because there are too many symbols. @? #? RT? What do those even MEAN? Can someone give me a tutorial? I can Facebook the CRAP out of anyone & I can even play FPO (first-person shooters)...but why do I get anxiety over Twitter?

Anyway, it's: @hoisinivy - let's keep it simple.

If you guys know anyone that would like to follow me or I should be following, let me know.

Also, Friday was Fashion's Night Out, and my friends & I did make it out onto Rodeo. We got there relatively early so it wasn't super packed, which we liked. Also, parking was only $5, which I liked even more.

Free champagne, Chanel temporary tattoos, and almost getting kicked out of Max Mara? Sounds like a good night to me! I didn't take too many pictures because I was worried that some stores are uppity about "COPY INFRINGEMENTS" (who even knows what that means).
free application with purchase of limited-edition chanel temporary tattoos

Overall it was a really fun night; I was worried about being JUDGED for my inexpensive (and simple) outfit; though it turned out to be a lot more chill-axed than expected. All my friends & were worried we'd be under-dressed, but it turns out, if you wore a suit, people thought you worked security so we were better off!

Anyway, follow me on Twitter...that's right, right? lol.

questions? ask here!


  1. love the outfit! looks like some fun and almost getting kicked out of max mara?!?! oh my!

  2. I love your temporary Chanel tattoo! It's so chic!

  3. ugh im so jealous you got to go! i keep seeing pictures everywhere! you look great though!

  4. aww how fun!! you are so cute!

  5. you look HOT HOT HOT (like rrrricky martin!)

    i'm following you's about time you got on twitter :D

  6. no toothy grins in this post! Did the snobby atmosphere subconsciously make u do that? haha. Lookin' good sistah!

  7. hahah welcome to Twitter! I added you :)

  8. I don't know why you were worried, you look fabulous and the Chanel tattoo gives you a sexy edge. :)
    I've resisted twitter too, but signed up for an account last week. I need a tutorial too. I'll follow you!! You can follow me too and then we don't have to be alone in figuring this twitter thing out. @fshnonmymind

  9. welcome aboard! i meant twitter. haha

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