Sep 24, 2010

Snap Crackle & Pop

When I went to the London Sole store on Montana in Santa Monica, I went there with the intent of buying simple & classic black flats. I personally don't spend that much on shoes & they're a little pricier than I had hoped, but I knew that the leather was great quality plus they're adjustable - so if they do stretch out, you can tighten them. Also, I'm pretty sure classic ballet flats are here to stay.

But as I browsed through the store, the hundreds of different flats literally overwhelmed me; it was definitely a case of too many choices. Rye Bread & I were drawn to these amazing patent leather crocodile oxfords. Classic black flats? Definitely not. Totally awesome? Totes. I went back & forth on them for awhile mainly because I was like, "Wtf do I wear with these? Also, am I even COOL enough to pull them off?" You know who could pull them off? Janelle Monae. I'm certainly not as cool as her, but why not, it'll force me to act a little cooler, lol.

So instead, I paired a wife-beater (which I cut myself) with Rye Bread's tuxedo pants & rolled them up. Where would I wear this? Maybe to a cool bar or something? I dunno...I used the word "cool" in this post too many times. Cool.
fruit of the loom men's wifebeater, club monaco men's tuxedo pants, london sole oxford flats
wet & wild lipstick in mahogany
I'm thinking these would go really well with a floral skirt or a flirty know what that time!

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  1. it'll be interesting to see what else you can pair w/ those shoes! Definitely not an ordinary pair, haha. They look cool though. UH OH, i said cool!

  2. i love seeing people wear this style of shoe. i could never pull it off. i wouldn't even know where to begin! but i love how you did it :)

    and i really love your hair!!!

  3. This outfit is totally hot! I know oxfords are in right now but I always thought they were ugly and would make me look frumpy. I might have to reconsider.

  4. i love this look! those shoes are awesome too, you can wear those with anything! well, in my opinion anyways :P i love that lipstick color too, its look so pretty on you!

  5. you look so pretty wearing dark lipstick! and i love what you did with your bf's pants. great inspiration!

    let's try and meet up for coffee sometime soon!

    xx, becs

  6. woww you look like hotness. that dark lipstick/black and white menswearish look works for you


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