Aug 31, 2010

Your Look is so Distinctive like DNA

This is my first purchase from HauteLook! Because this is what usually happens:

+ I get an email from HauteLook with their latest sales & deals
+ I click and browse
+ I wipe the drool off of my keyboard
+ I log onto my bank account
+ I whimper
+ I close my browser & dream

But this time they actually had a Harajuku Lovers sale that I could afford!

harajuku lovers top, f21 jeans, shoe dazzle heels, victorias secret bra
This shirt encompasses two things that I love: 1. It's loose-fitting and 2. It's something Gwen Stefani. I love the low cuts on the sides, though it does make for interesting work attire. By interesting, I mean slutty. Lol, jk.I recently bought a new Cover Girl lipstick that I'm in love with. Unlike most of my MAC or NARS lipsticks, this actually makes my lips feel moisturized (and does a pretty decent job of NOT getting on my teef.) I especially like that it's not too dark for daytime or work.
lipliner: nars in tortola, lipstick: covergirl in bistro burgundy
I also received my August ShoeDazzle shoes! I've been skipping my months for awhile now, just not impressed with the shoe selections as of late. I accidentally forgot to "skip" two months though & had two credits in my account. Because of that, I saw these shoes and thought, "Why not?" I actually like them a lot, with 5" heels (but a 1" platform), they add a lot of leg-length that I'm so desperately lacking.Apologies for the poor quality of pictures...hotel location + bad lighting + power shot camera - tripod = bad impromptu pictures.

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  1. wow, sessy work attire! it's been hot in the midwest, so that looks pretty refreshing! haha

  2. You must have a very casual work environment! Love your shoes, very sexy!

  3. Cutes. I cannot not wear that in Santa Rosa. No. Nope. Negative.


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