Aug 4, 2010

Attack of the Ripley Monster

My sister Nina, brother-in-law Drew, and niece Ripley came to CA from Maryland for a quick visit and I spent the afternoon at the park with my most favorite niece EVAR (also she's my only niece).

I don't see my family too often, considering the distance (Nina & Drew live in Maryland, my other sister & mom live in Ohio) so when I had the chance to spend time with them, I took it! While Nina & I didn't grow up very close (we're technically half-sisters), since adulthood our relationship has only become closer & stronger. It actually made both of us realize that we may want to have more than one child! Drew is a birdie (one who is fond of birds) who educated Rye Bread & me by pointing out all the different varieties & species of the avian kind. My only contribution was that one time a hummingbird flew next to me for a good 3 minutes & I kind of felt like Snow White.

Don't mind the scab on Ripley's nose - she fell at daycare. And as our aunt said "Oh no, she can't fall don't want her to have a flat nose." HEAVEN FORBID!
my older sister, nina, & ripley
Ripley wasn't the only one who enjoyed the swings...Rye Bread & Drew also spent a good amount of time swingin' away:
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  1. ripley is so cute!!! i love that first picture of her. :)

  2. so happy on the slide! great pic!

  3. Aw super adorable photos! I went to college in MD :) xo, mel


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