Aug 26, 2010

San Francisco Treat!

This is the LAST travel post...until I travel again, lol.

Since we were up in Santa Rosa, we of course had to go to "the city," aka: SF. Why so foggy! We lucked out with the weather though because it's normally really cold & windy there, but it was a pleasant low 70's, so a light jacket and a casual scarf was all I needed to keep me nice & toasty. You know, even though I was complaining about how foggy it was, foggy days = best pictures. For some reason, the lighting is much better & no one is squinting.`
me with ryan's cousin, louie (from singapore) & his sister, jenny
chasing a can't see the pigeon, but i promise it was there!

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  1. Ahh looks amazing! Love the pictures and it looks like you're running with joy to the floral design shop rather than chasing a pidgeon haha. And I adore your chic outfit :)

  2. great photos, they have a vintage feel to were in santa rosa? that's where i live! i love how close it is to the city, even though i don't get to go there very often...and i agree, foggy days are sometimes better for taking pictures, no awkward one-eye-squinting photos! :)

  3. oh man I really miss SF. =( We use to travel there every weekend from Santa Rosa to buy groceries and hang out with my grandma. iSad now.


  4. love the pics!!! i love that one of you and rye breads cousin & sister in front of the golden gate bridge!

    and how cute are those animal breads?!?!

  5. Is that a new green purse? GEEZ WOMAN! haha. Addicted! That pigeon-chasing pic is so funny. And I already know why u smell like poop! haha


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