Aug 27, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

There are just days where you want to wear leggings (so my jeans don't dig into my fat) and a loose-fitting top. YOU GIRLS know what I'm talking about. Even though I fly to Chicago often, I always account that the next day, I won't be feeling 100%, so I slapped on a pair of leggings, a loose fitting tank, a loose vest, a scarf & called it a day.

I also recently discovered Cotton On, an H&M-type store that sells basics at really reasonable (read: cheap) prices. My scarf, tank, AND vest were from there and total cost less than $30! They have one at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and also apparently in Singapore as Rye Bread's cousin recently bought me a tank from there. Who loves a good deal? WE DO.

Also, I just started wearing knitted hats. I'm still iffy on them. Flat hair? Bad. Looking Parisan? Good.I also am trying to wear less make-up; in good lighting, it doesn't look so bad...but in bad lighting? Let's just say there's a reason why there's only one picture up.


  1. all that for $30!?!? i'm sold! get me to that store ASAP!

    love the hat! i tried that look and failed :/ maybe i'll try it again!

  2. Never heard of it, probably because they dont have stores anywhere near me :(

    I'm always amazed how those knit hats can stay one people's heads without falling off. Is there some type of trick to putting it on? :) I've never tried (obviously)

  3. Love the shoes on their website, especially the helen clogs. need a rubi shoe store here.

  4. Since it's been so hot here, I haven't worn foundation to work in months. Felt really weird at first, but felt so liberating to have less on your face. Then it was less eyeshadow, less thing you know, I haven't worn eyeliner to work in 3 weeks. LOOK SO SLEEPY AT WORK, but makeup application/removal has been so much faster AND my skin has never been better. But yeah, I catch glimpses of myself in the bathroom mirror and it's no bueno.

    The hat's cute! Looks good with your hair.

  5. I've been super curious to try on knit hats too! They just look so chic on everyone, including you with your bouncy hair! I fear that it would slip right off my head with my super slippery hair, or even worse, I wouldn't find one big enough to fit my giant head :/

  6. Lookin REAL gud mang! Can i try on your hat whenever i see you? haha. I wanna see how I look!

  7. You look super duper cute! As always, your blog is so much fun to read. Can you send me a link every time you post a new blog? Miss you, Nina

  8. hm weird... just read phi-style's comment and I too have not been wearing eyeliner to work....

    I just got a hat like that too, but too hot to wear in Houston summer weather. you look so cute in it though =)


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