Aug 25, 2010

Where Everything Comes Together: Santa Rosa

I didn't make this title up, I went to Santa Rosa's official site because I wasn't sure what to name this post, and this is what they wrote:

Just 55 miles north of San Francisco, you'll find a vibrant city overflowing with all you love about California. Welcome to Santa Rosa, where everything comes together.

And while I may disagree that it has EVERYTHING I love about California (e.g. a downtown area, skyscrapers, PEOPLE), it did have everything I love about NorCal: wine country, preserved nature, quaint towns, and random museums!
Rye Bread & I visited his sister & cousins in SR for a long weekend, also visiting San Francisco (which will be an upcoming post). On our previous visit over a year ago, we went wine-tasting which was a lot of fun; this time Rye Bread & I were left on our own, and we visited the Charles Schulz Museum!

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  1. O_O I grew up in Santa Rosa! I miss it.

  2. love the pics! i never knew there was a charles shultz museum!

  3. Santa Rosa looks so green and clean!


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