Aug 20, 2010

Instant Getaway: Santa Barbara

Here's my disclaimer: the next few posts will either make you think you've visited a travel blog or a commercial for California vacations. But the reason why I've been lacking on fashion / beauty posts is because over the past few weekends, I've been to various parts of California & couldn't wait to share my experience you with you all!

On the way back from Solvang, we made another stop to Santa Barbara. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! I've never been to either & both places were on my "must see" list. There are two very different cities with very diverse cultures.

While Solvang is a small & quaint town, perfect for a bed & breakfast, just over an hour south, Santa Barbara is definitely an upscale beachtown. Sailboats, surfers, bikers & skaters meld together for a perfectly relaxing Sunday afternoon.
getting lost & accidentally driving through UCSB. can't complain, campus made me jealous
street art, surprisingly expensive! those were about $200 - $400
santa barbara pier
sailboats & surfers take advantage of the summer afternoon
that's a huge bike!
banana republic jean jacket, united colors of benneton sweater, bp leggings, f21 scarf, jcrew sandals
yes, all 10 of my toenails are polished; it's just the lighting that made it look like i was missing one!
And while I wouldn't necessarily stay the night in Solvang, SB is definitely a place to spend a night or two...perhaps at Bacara?...hint hint.

The picture below is dedicated to my sister, who I knew would enjoy laughing at it. Her comment? "You're like a cupcake with a little flag on your head."

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  1. lol! SO oblivious to the flag behind you! The small size makes it that much more hilarious.

    What?!...that was your first time to Santa Barbara?!

  2. the cupcake/flag comment is hilarious!

    i love all the pics! especially the names and feet in the sand. so cute!

  3. beautiful pictures, makes me want to travel! you look great in your photos and like you're having a good time...thanks for sharing your adventure! :)

  4. Love these pics! Soo California chic!

  5. I graduated from UCSB!! Santa Barbara is a nice, relaxing place. :) Great photos!!


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