Aug 19, 2010

It's a Small World: Solvang, CA

Rye Bread and I were already in Delano (1 hour north of Bakersfield) for a basketball tournament, so on the way back, we decided to leave early Sunday morning for a quick pit-stop to Solvang.

I felt like I was the only SoCal resident who's never been to Solvang, CA. You know, that small Danish town a few hours north of LA. As soon as Rye Bread & I got there, I felt like I was in theme park; my first thought was "This is not a real city." It seriously looked & felt like Storybook Land straight out of Disneyland with their quaint stores and thematic restaurants. Known for their windmills, architecture, sausages & beer, it's about a 3 city-block town that takes you out of the hustle of LA and into a true old town. However, aside from drinking beer, eating Polish hot dogs & looking at clogs, there wasn't much else to do. This is definitely a city to stop by in for a few hours, but unless you're staying for the wine-tasting, you probably won't need to stay the night.
the "scenic" view from delano to solvang
perfect 77-degree weather makes it nice to have a sunroof lamb watch
quaint shoppes sell "quaint" gifts, like these rock-people business card holders
immersing myself into the town, eating a spicy polish sausage with potato cakes & red cabbage (i didn't like the red cabbage that much)
ironically, this shoe store did not sell any clogs
united colors of benetton sweater, american eagle shorts, f21 scarf (thanks rhona & tim!)

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  1. These photos make me want to check out Solvang! But I'm located in NorCal (Bay Area), and I just mapquested the distance... oh man, 5 hours? In any case, love the photos! That town totally looks like the kind of place I'd love to visit.

  2. how interesting! totally reminds me of disneyland! hahaha. i think i'm gonna put this on my california road trip to-see list....if i ever get to do a ca roadtrip. hahaha

  3. "Oh I've been there a few times! Didn't you go with us that one time?"


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