Mar 1, 2011

How To: 3 Braids & a Bun

Hey guys, did you hear? Braids are totes in right now! Okay I know they have been for awhile, but like every magazine (ever) writes, they're really versatile & easy to do. Plus braids get my hair out of my face, which is always a plus.

Worn here, I often wear my hair like this to go hiking or to run errands...why?
1. Day-old hair = I don't need to wash my hair that morning
2. No heating products = saves my hair from additional damage
3. Relatively quick to do (depending on how many braids you want to do)
4. Did I mention it gets my hair out of my face?

The lighting in the bathroom was terrible, the backlight made it look like a ghost was standing right behind me, and even though it was broad daylight, I was scaring I had to turn the camera around. Also, apologies for the video being longer than normal - I know you guys know how to braid, I just couldn't figure out how to fast-forward certain parts without the whole clip being fast-forwarded. In addition, I'm wearing this super comfy Nike sweatshirt (similar one found here)...I know, SO FASHUNS YOU GUYS.

What You'll Need:
+ 3 small elastics
+ 2 medium / large elastics
+ hairspray
+ glossing spray (optional)
+ rat-tail comb (optional)


  1. I like how you told me that it looked like you were in HEAVEN. haha. Kinda does...

    Kewl tutorial. Your braid is so kyoot! Can't wait for you to use your VOICE. lol. Maybe it will make it easier for me to follow instructions.

  2. i was hoping you'd do a tutorial for this! thank you! :)

  3. Love this tutorial including the soundtrack! When do we get to hear your voice? Also, what's the glossing spray you're using?

  4. Awesome! So many hair tutorials feature pix, which are all fine and great buuuut videos are the best for showing this sort of stuff. Thanks for sharing and can't wait to try this look on myself. :)

  5. Oooo AWesome thank you!


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