Mar 24, 2011

Northern Exposure

Last weekend, I swear I've never seen it rain so bad in LA.  It was a constant pour - to the point where it was incredibly dangerous to drive.  Rye Bread & I drove down Sepulveda (that runs alongside the 405fwy), and a passing car had so much backsplash that it covered the entire windshield & we had to brake to a halt.  I was scurred mang!

Then it cleared up for a few days.  And now it's raining again. My mom (who lives in Ohio) is worried about a "SuperStorm" heading towards California that's supposedly going to wash away the entire west coast of the United States, taking the entire state of California with it.  My parents are so worried that for my upcoming birthday, my Dad bought me an emergency kit.  Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like some canned food and blankets.  I'm pretty sure it  also comes with a life case California DOES fall off into the Pacific Ocean, I'll have a life vest to keep me afloat.  All joking aside, we should all be prepared for any sort of emergency & it's definitely better to be safe than to be sorry.  So I'll use my Emergency Kit...even though I really wanted a watch for my birthday. Ha.

Since it's so cold & rainy, all of my Spring clothes are put on hold.  Instead, I grabbed this sweater that keeps me incredibly warm without being itchy (don't you hate wool sweaters that you buy only to NOT be able to wear it because it makes you claw your skin off?)
columbia sweater, martin + osa shirt, f21 jeans, toms shoes

Oh yeah, a word to the wise...if you have a teething puppy, it's not the best idea to leave your Toms out...just saying.

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  1. that's a darling sweater. and i've been wanting a pair of TOMS forever, but just don't know if I would actually wear them? they look adorable how you wear them!

  2. hi! thanks so much for visiting me :) i heart your blog you've got seriously amazing style and you're absolutely gorgeous!

    i'm a new follower would love for you to follow me too!

  3. thanks for commenting!! steph you are gorgeous and i love your name =) HAH loving this casual outfit and the red toms, you make me want a pair!

  4. I hope you don't have to use the emergency kit! But it's there just in case.

    It's still too cold in Ohio for Toms. We had some snow/frost this morning! I thought I was through with scraping ice off my car this year. Also, you sure do get a lot of mileage from those F21 jeans. Good value!

  5. That sweater looks so cozy and warm! Love your Toms shoes, too!

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  6. Aw you look so cute and cozy! I think the puppy bite gives a unique edge to your Toms ;)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I cant believe all the rain we have been getting here in LA either ! Crazy


  8. Great sweater! So cozy!!

  9. Oh dear you are so pretty! I love your knitted top!

  10. does the emergency kit have any of those vacuum-sealed emergency food rations?? i've always wanted to try a piece of those!


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