Mar 9, 2011

Tomorrow's Outfit...Today

Do you ever put on an outfit & you think, "Shieet, this would be perfect for TOMORROW...but I'm wearing it NOW...but I'm too lazy to change...who will I see tomorrow? Will it be the same crowd? I'll just wear it twice in two days. No one will notice, right?"

No? Anyone? No? Just me? That's totally what happened today when I put on this casual (and comfortable!) outfit & realized this would be great for the airport tomorrow. It has layers to keep me warm, stretchy jeans to keep me comfortable (e.g. the button doesn't stab my stomach), and just a little of style so I don't look like I just put on sweats to go (p.s. I really do wish I could wear sweats to the airport but everyone frowns upon it). If you see me at LAX tomorrow, do not judge my copycat outfit okay!
b.d. foundry men's button-down, fruit of the loom men's wifebeater, f21 jeans, j.crew belt, toms shoes

I'll be heading towards SXSW in Austin, TX this weekend & I'm chompin' at the bit to go! Unfortunately I won't be staying for the music section (which has eclipsed the rest of the conference), but will be staying for the Interactive & Film portions. If you're interested in what my team & I will be doing, head over to our Denuology post for some tentative stuff we'll be hittin' up. Of course I'll be going to some fashuns stuff (like the Texas Style Council Clothing Swap) & also some interactive panels (MY JOB).

Feel free to tweet me or reach out to me via email if you'll also be at SXSW & want to do a meet-up! MOAR FRANDS MAN. I'll be meeting with Phi-Style for the weekend, though with her technology fast, she won't be posting any pics until like a month later. /tear.

I will be sads to be leaving this guy for 5 days:
Oh whoops, was I supposed to put a picture of Rye Bread? Yeah, him too.

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  1. haha that's a way cute flying outfit. i always look like a hot mess when i'm at the airport

  2. That happened to me today, so, tomorrow, I might just copy your outfit for today/tomorrow. :) Very cute!

  3. I totes think the same thing when I want to recycle an outfit.

    I just chopped off five inches of my hair and am totally regretting it looking at how fab your hair looks. tear.

  4. Love ur blog, I really enjoy reading it! U have so much personality: )

  5. Are u gonna be in Houston? Interested in a beauty shoot? Let me know! Oh this is vyvian from cestlavy (no more wordpress). :)

  6. Haha you are so hilarious. Didn't you hear? Sweats can be sexy too apparently if paired with some heels and large sunglasses.

  7. haha hells yeah gurrrl. I'm ALL over that first paragraph + totally want to re-paint my nails smurf blue now.

    Enjoy Htown + ATX!


  8. Love your blog. You are hilarious!

  9. That ALWAYS happens to me, and it's usually when I'm trying to put something so casual together. First time at your blog, you are so gorgeous and your pretty!!


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