Feb 17, 2013


I realize that this blog is hanging on by a thread, but once again, I promise to take more photos.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you see snippets of my outfits, nails, and hairstyles. Lately I've been much more...adventurous (e.g: victory rolls, modern french nails). My goal is to not only to take more blog-worthy photos but to also add tutorials! 

As my style has evolved, I'm making a conscious effort to not do an overhaul of clothing, but instead, either add key pieces that can update what I already have or pair pieces together things I haven't before. For instance, I've had this blue blazer for the past year or two and have only worn it a few times. I've also had this "Bill Fuckin' Murray" (BFM) shirt for 6+ months, but never thought to put them together. When paired, it looks a lot more put-together than if I just wore this shirt with jeans. The blazer adds a sense of purpose, if you will. The plaid belt and military boots adds more punk to it. This, I can see myself wearing to the office more often! 

One of the most common questions on AskPhivy is how to re-do your wardrobe - I highly recommend updating your looks by incorporating a few newer pieces, but first get a sense of style you'd like and then figure out what you already have that may work. Jeans, leggings, basic tees will go with whatever style you go for - so never throw those out just because you want something new.
The Chive Bill Fucking Murray shirt (similar here),  Aqua blazer (cheaper version here) , boyfriend jeans,
a&f kids plaid belt, steve madden military boots, la mer for target watch

You may go, "Hey Steph, I follow your blog and AskPhivy for awhile and you look...DIFFERENT." Before rumors get started...no, I did not get a nose job (ain't nobody got time for that!)...I've been focusing my makeup skills on contouring and really like how slimming my nose has been looking in pictures. It's my next goal for a beauty tutorial!

And no post would be complete without pictures of Dallas and of course...outtakes (mainly because they include Dallas):


  1. Dat optical illusion. Can you contour my face to be less block-like?

  2. I actually prefer your nose without the contouring :\ If it makes you feel more confident though, I support you!


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