Feb 22, 2013

I Am Your Biggest Fan

BONUS ROUND. Challenge: Week 1, Day 4! (Check out Day 1, 2, and 3)

Since it started to rain while taking these photos, I immediately changed out of the shorts and tights into pants and flat boots. A girl's gotta be comfortable and warm! I'm really enjoying sprucing up my wardrobe, not with new shirts or jackets, but with printed pants. I know they've been here for awhile and while they may not be as versatile as a shirt, they're still my favorite things in the closet.

Ryan's sister bought these Uniqlo pants for me for Christmas. In her words, "They're super 'Gwen Stefani,' so I thought you'd like them." AND SHE WAS RIGHT. Anything Gwen Stefani-ish, and I'm in! I'm her biggest fan!

Uniqlo houndstooth pants (similar here), Cloud Nine black t-shirt (similar here), 
Aqua blazer (similar here), Steve Madden military boots

Here are a few of my favorite printed pants that are on my wish-list (once the wedding is over and I'm not on a "shopping freeze.") I prefer pants and jeans versus leggings when it comes to printed styles only because if you have thicker legs, the print can tend to stretch and morph. Wearing either structured pants or loose pants allows the print to show off without changing. I also prefer geometric prints with bold or b/w colors as I find them much more versatile than floral prints. Tuxedo pants are one of my one my must-haves, no matter the season or event. These are my choices from F21, since I know they're trendy and I don't want readers spending a fortune on them.

Click on the image for the link and prices:

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  1. love the way you've mixed it up! im kind of scared of patterned pants, i feel like i cannot pull them off LOL i'll hafta take a page out of your book and give it a try though, you look great!


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