Feb 21, 2013

Totally Rad!

One of my closest friends, Rhona, had her 35th birthday at a karaoke bar in Koreatown with a pretty amazing theme...the 90's! Aren't doing "80's-themed parties" so 2000-and-late? (Isn't the term "2000-and-late" super 2000-and-late? Help me I'm in a loop.)

Initially when my friend Sarah and I were figuring what to wear, SO MANY ideas came to mind - I mean think about it, the 90s was the epitome of our childhood and teenage years! Think of all the shows - from cartoons (Doug! Rocco's Modern Life!) to sitcoms (Blossom! Sister Sister! Full House!) to musical acts (TLC! Janet Jackson! Salt n Pepa!) to movies (Clueless! Pretty Woman! Pulp Fiction!)

Ultimately, I didn't want to spend too much money on faded jeans and flowered-print vests and we didn't want to as a specific character - just more "thematic." Luckily I JUST so happen to stumble across Ryan's older sister's homecoming dress. This thing is a pretty good summary of 90's "glam." Think: VELVET. GOLD SEQUIN. PEARLS. HALTER TOP. SKIN TIGHT. Man, I felt right into an En Vogue or Paula Abdul music video.

I paired up this super tight dress with sheer pantyhose (hey, did anyone else's mom used to wear L'eggs pantyhose and they came in those egg-shell things?!), but since I didn't want to wear heels (I felt I fell into "Pretty Woman" territory), I layered knee-high black socks, and combat boots. An over-sized army jacket added some modesty to so much skin exposure that I'm mostly uncomfortable with.
Ryan's sister's old dress (modern take here, here, and here)
Ryan wore his dad's faded jeans, a white tee, and an oversized leather jacket...man, if he would have worn a flannel tied around his waist, he would have his Joey Lawrence outfit complete!
Sarah rocked a 90210 look with flower shorts, black tights, white chucks, and an oversized Levi's jacket. Rhona went for grunge with a Nirvana shirt, ripped jeans, and a flannel. I love the 90s!
Arthur went the preppy route with a United Colors of Benetton sweater and neon shirt. My name tag says: "Hello, my name is...LISA FRANK."
Potentially one of the best outfits was Crystal's - with her MONICA LEWINSKY dress, complete with "stain" and all!


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