Feb 19, 2013

The Challenge

A few days ago Ryan gave me a great idea for the blog. The challenge: style and wear a select piece of clothing 3 times a week. Challenge accepted!

Since I wore my blue blazer with my BFM shirt on Saturday, I decided to swing the pendulum the other way and go girly. Usually when I wear dresses, I go with a cardigan to keep the femininity, but wearing a blazer gives it some structure I like.

CCT Style dress (similar here), Aqua Blazer (cheaper version here), Cole Haan suede booties, F21 studded belt

I'm FINALLY getting the hang of doing victory rolls in my hair. And by "getting the hang," I still mean that I struggle with the smaller one on the left. I mean, how "symmetrical" should they be? Do I look like Mickey Mouse? So many questions for the newb!

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