Jul 26, 2010

How To: Ponytail Edition

In the Rodarte post, I was asked to do a tutorial on the simple, yet voluminous, ponytail I had. This is super simple and is my go-to hair style when 1. I have dirty hair 2. The neckline of my outfit is high or 3. My hair is being stupid.

What you'll need:
+ 1 - 2 ponytail holders (I like Goody hair ties with no metal)
+ small plastic claw clip
+ bobby pins
+ hairspray
+ day-old hair (aka: dirty hair)
+ i curled my hair with hot rollers to add texture and grip to my hair (otherwise my hair will fall out of the rubberband) though this is optional. if i don't have time, i use my straight hair and it works just fine too.
+ take a section of hair by the crown of your head
+ make sure to grab the lower layers (and not just the top or else the volume will look flat)
+ don't grab your bangs - leave them down as is
+ secure with the small claw clip
+ grab the rest of your hair & secure with a rubberband
+ wrap the rubberband behind the claw clip (and try to avoid tangling the claw clip within the hair tie)
+ i use 2 rubberbands to ensure my hair will stay put!
+ unclip the claw clip (don't leave it in or else people might think you're wearing those weird fake hair pieces!)
+ gently pull out hairs around the crown to add volume - don't take it out all the way though!
+ don't worry about it being perfect, pulling out the hair will add shape & volume
+ make sure to pull from the roots (and lower layers), or else your "bump" can look flimsy
+ hairspray any fly aways
+ you can pull out any additional layers to frame your face or spray back the sides for a more "severe" look
+ i bobby pin the small baby hairs on the nape of my neck & hair spray them - that's optional, it can look a lot more natural letting those be

Don't worry about it being "perfect" - it's not a bouffant, it's a simple & easy way to get your hair up & out. Actually the messier it is, the more rock-and-roll it looks.

Good luck!

questions? ask here!


  1. you look so prettyyy

    what would you say your hair "type" is?

  2. super cute! i've got to try this!

  3. man, my ponytail (wearing one right now) looks fobby compared to your pretty and stylish one!

  4. Fabulous tutorial and what a chic ponytail! xo, mel

  5. You have such beautiful, thick hair! This actually looks pretty easy, I just might have to try this.

  6. Thanks for the post, you look great! I am going to try the half up version of this cos I just chopped off my long hair....


  7. cute look, but I loved your hair out with the curls and just the top part out. You have amazing hair



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