Jul 30, 2010

How To: Bronze Eyes

As I'm still trying to get used to not wearing liquid eyeliner, this bronzed-eye look is great for summer, giving you a little color without looking overdone or too bare.

If you pay close attention, frame-by-frame, you'll see my hair slowly lose its volume & curls. My hair is very straight (and somewhat thin), so as I'm typing this, my hair has lost about 1/2 of its volume. Products only weigh my hair down more...sigh.

What you'll need (actual products used are listed in steps):
+ your basic make-up kit (concealer, powder, etc.)
+ brown eyeshadow
+ taupe eyeshadow
+ copper / bronze cream eyeshadow (optional)
+ copper / bronze eyeshadow (loose or compact)
+ black pencil liner
+ brown pencil liner (optional)
+ bronzer
+ blush
+ neutral lipliner & lipstick
+ start off with your normal base routine (concealer, powder, fill in your eyebrows)
+ apply brown shadow on eyelids - up to your crease (using Kat Von D's eyeshadow in Leather)
+ blend up & out with a taupe shadow so it's not as harsh (using Laura Mercier in Whiskey)
+ with your ring finger, gently pat a bronze cream eye shadow in the same area (using NARS in Mykonos)
+ apply a bronze eyeshadow over the cream shadow (using MAC's loose shadow in Subtle)
+ curl your eyelashes (using Shu Uemura eyelash curler)
+ line your upper water line (right inside your lashline) - this gives you a fuller lash look & is a good substitute for a natural lined look (using MAC in Engraved, but I like Sephora's waterproof liner in Deep Black as it's creamier & easier to apply)
+ apply mascara (using Maybelline's Define-a-Lash in Black)
+ apply a iridescent white shadow on your inner corners - avoid highlighting your browbones, that's a little too obvious & too shimmery for this look (using Kat Von D in Tequila)
+ apply a dark brown pencil to the outer corners of your lower lash line (using MAC in Taupe)
+ highlight with the same bronzed eye shadow over the brown liner (using MAC in Subtle)
+ apply a bronzer right below your cheekbones (using NARS in Silvana)
+ for a more flushed look (and to add a little dimension), I applied a pink blush to the apples of my cheek (using NARS in Angelika)
+ line lips with a neutral liner (using NARS in Tortola)
+ fill lips in with a light shimmery pink lipstick (using Revlon in Blushed)


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  1. so cute! i love it! it looks so fresh :) i don't think i could go without eyeliner though (curse of the monolids!)

  2. Me neither, I love me my eyeliner too much! This is a very nice, subtle look though!

  3. Very natural look. I have same problem with my hair...can never style it myself because it goes straight in an instant!


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