Jul 23, 2010

Same Jacket, Different Outfit

I should probably vary what I wear post to post, but nothing like a versatile denim jacket for cooler summer nights.

I am feeling better, though not 100%, and if you look closely in some photos, you can see the bruises on my arm from the hospital IV. (I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK). I wanted the disclaimer that I wasn't either being abused or abusing drugs.

I haven't gone out to dinner since being sick - so a couple of friends, Rye Bread & I are going to one of my go-to places: Salt Creek Grill in El Segundo. While the restaurants may be famous for their seafood & steaks, my favorite dish there is their "Stuffed Blues" burger: gorgonzolas-stuffed with fried onions on a hawaiian bun? Nom.

target shirt, express shorts & tights, old scarf, dollhouse ballet flats, banana republic jacket

I also decided to NOT wear liquid eyeliner tonight, for a little more natural look. I must say it does take a little getting used to. I tried doing a tutorial, but the lighting was so bad, so I'll have to try again soon.
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  1. you look cute especially in the last picture. Nice outfit.


  2. aww, my poor sister! Those bruises give me shivers. Good to see that you're feeling better and well enough to be out-n-about!

    I like those shorts! My Express shorts don't have the pleating like yours.

  3. must be nice ass weather to be wearing tights! lucky you =)


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