Jul 8, 2010

How To: Birds Eye View

Steph: "I'm totally going to name this post 'birds eye view!' I don't know why I think of these things as I'm doing my make-up, I love puns!"
Rye Bread: "Why 'birds eye view'?"
Steph: "Because look at my eyes! They're like bird eyes"
Rye Bread: "I thought that was called cat eyes or something"
Steph: "Well normally it is, but see how they go in my inner corners? Like a bird!"
Rye Bread: "Doesn't that just mean it's a double cat eye?"
Steph: "You realize this conversation is going on my blog, right?"

I don't need to justify my puns! This look is not for those who are afraid of eyeliner, especially liquid.

What you'll need:
+ taupe eyeshadow
+ black liquid liner
+ black pencil liner
+ neutral blush
+ hot pink lipgloss

+ start with your usual routine: concealer, powder, filled-in brows, etc.
+ apply a taupe eyeshadow from your lashline to the crease of your lids
(note: i did this after work, hence i already have mascara on, please ignore)
+ heavily apply liquid liner to your upper eyelids
+ wing out the outer edges
+ continue to line on the inner corners (it looks weird at first, don't worry)
+ still using liquid liner, carefully line your lower lashline
+ using black pencil liner, line your lower waterline (the inside part of your lower lashline)
+ apply a neutral blush (or brozner)
+ lipgloss be poppin'

Of course Rye Bread photobombing. He drives me insane sometimes:

questions? ask here!


  1. ahahaha. i love the convo and the eyes!

  2. ka-KAW! Try it with different colors!

  3. Very cute--the pun and the look. My dy is not complete unless I make my wife or daughter roll their eyes in response to a pun. =)

    Take care.

  4. i love anything with black eye liner.. love!

  5. oh man. tell rye-bread that the boy-cleavage (even though there's really no cleavage) is hot


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