Jul 4, 2010

Thigh Highs, Oh My!

I'm back from the depths of the underworld! And guess what? I don't have travel planned for the next 7 days! W00t. But seriously, how much do you guys hate me for being so inconsistent?

Before the 4th of July madness, Rye Bread took me on a nice date night in Manhattan Beach, where we had great Mexican food at Mucho Ultimo & drinks at Shade Hotel. Ultimo has AMAZING food - I definitely recommend. Shade Hotel was a cougar den, but was pretty chill nonetheless.

I've seen girls wear thigh-highs with the top lace showing & have been in love with the look - the ultimate balance between sultry & slutty.
tunic: tj maxx, thigh highs: victoria's secret, aldo heels, f21 belt
Heavy liner, orange blush, & shimmery lipgloss helped complete my look.

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  1. whoa, i think this exposed lace look is the raciest thing i've seen on your blog! SESSY! haha. Or does that just make you sound ultra-conservative compared to other people? mah bad!

    That orange blush looks good!

    Happy 4th of July sistahhh!

  2. Love your thigh highs! I've been wanting to get a pair just like yours. Wow, just read your travel itinerary from the last few weeks... insane! Hope you enjoyed a relaxing long weekend!

    xo, becs


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