Feb 28, 2010

Just an Orange County Girl

Went back to mah hometown of the (real) OC this weekend to 1. go to the dentist and 2. visit my best friend. Going to the dentist was fun because my right-side of my face was numb & paraylzed for 3-hours...and I drooled during lunch.

What is this wet stuff falling from the sky? (rain?) So I layered the same Chicago blazer with a sweater (that I made a sweater-dress by pulling it down), and leggings. 2nd pic: My hand made a shadow butt crack.

express blazer, leggings & sweater dress from tj maxx, jessica simpson booties
whoa - crazy woman hair
BFF was also forced to take an outfit picture, though I forgot to ask where she bought her clothes.

Her bras are totally hanging in the background. Ha.

Btw, both of our shoes are cute, right? Yeah, not after 5-hours of shopping. We were limping to the parking lot...crying.


  1. super cute outfits!!! my friend is in the OC area and she was telling me it was storming this weekend!

  2. hee hee! love this post. your hair looks great too!

  3. i love your blog! I'm going to follow you... i hope you'll check out my illustration blog :) xxnicole


  4. your hair looks so good! as do you!!!

    and your bff's boots are naughty monkey. i know shoes :)

  5. You both look gorgeous! And your hair lady. WOW!

  6. hahah i didn't notice the buttcrack shadow until you pointed it out

    that sweaterdress is awesome!

  7. you have the sweetest smile! nice outfits and shoes!


  8. You are so beautiful! Mom miss con very much! Can't wait to see con in April.
    New pix are so much better. Thx for took those scary pix off. Love, Mom

  9. MOM! how embarrassing...and AWESOME that you comment. :)


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