Jul 26, 2011

Red & White All Over

I have about a handful of summer go-to outfits in my wardrobe - just the same 4-5 that I rotate between.  I can buy new clothes, but no matter what (like a good pair of jeans), I resort back to the same few.  Luckily work outfits break up the monotony.  This SUPER CHEAP (and I am talking INEXPENSIVE) outfit is one of my favorites - monochromatic white is something I normally don't do (as someone who constantly has food in my teeth, hair & clothes, I avoid it all costs), but for the past 3 weeks, I think I've worn it at least 4 times.  The men's Fruit of the Loom wifebeater comes in a 3-pack & I simply used household scissors to cut the neckline & this F21 skirt was no more than $30.  Pair it up with a bright-colored bra (this one also from F21 for $5), slip on a pair of sandals & I look way more put together than the actual thought-process behind it.  Easy breezy man!
men's fruit of the loom wifebeater (DIY neckline), F21 skirt, F21 lace bra
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  1. i love the idea with the DIY neckline on a wifebeater... they probably sell the same thing for 5x the price at other places! :P this is a great look but like you, i try to avoid wearing white especially in the summer... pit stains, food stains, dirt stains, you name it. hahaha!

  2. SMEXY!! i think you should be getting some 'special' formspring questions now.

  3. you look good! Most likely no cabana fail, huh.
    I am too scared to wear a lot of (unflattering) white because someone would try to push me back into the ocean.

  4. I need to find a white shirt like this. I love pairing tanks with brightly colored, borderline obnoxious bras. I think it looks so much more fun than a plain, boring, nude or white bra ... LAME. Let's make life more interesting than that!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I love the look. It's sooo SUMMERish :))
    especially those long white skirt:D
    BTW, thank you for visiting my blog.

    much love♥

  6. yikes!! I was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. I'm glad you're feeling much better and back in the blogging world. LOL as you can tell, I haven't been that great with up keeping my blog either (although no injuries here, just summer break). Can't wait to read your posts =) thanks for the bday wishes!

  7. I like how you cut the neckline of the wifebeater. And this outfit looks so simple and effortless but so cute at the same time.

    I love the necklace. Where is it from?


  8. haha, too funny. i'm the same way and have been taking a pair of scissors to men's hanes tees...literally did one this morning. love the white skirt!


  9. You have such a lovely natural beauty to you. And I really adore your skirt!


  10. Such a simple but chic outfit! I love how you've modified that wifebeater to flatter your neckline!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  11. You look STUNNING! I love this outfit and your care-free smile is so refreshing.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  12. So cool. I was planning on wearing a white skirt and white top tomorrow but yours it hot. I love how you red bra peeks out. Sexy.

  13. beautiful the white, like your outfit!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  14. i love fruit of the loom! just picked up a couple of their wifebeaters a few months back and will definitely try out the diy neckline.

  15. you look adorable! love the third photograph of you.


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