Oct 12, 2010

Part of the Cool Kids

As I'm typing this, I'm on a flight to NYC...gotta love technology & wifi.

For the past few months, I've been eye-balling these Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms. You can blame all of my blogger-friends who rock the crap out of them, and how fabulous they always looked with every outfit they wore (I'm talking to you Phi-Style & Clouds of Tulle). So after months of yearning for them, I just went ahead & bought them. BEST PURCHASE!

I got the tan ones, though I might get the black ones...although I didn't realize they were SO SKY-HIGH. I'm talking 6"...they're definitely the highest pair of heels I have, but I love them. Yay, part of the cool kids club!

I hate taking pictures after my day has ended: bad lighting, hair is flat, make-up is gone, face is tired, etc. etc.
martin & osa shirt, skirt, & belt, js dany platforms
If my hair looks longer, it's not because it miraculously grew (I wish)...it's because I'm wearing extensions! Just the clip-on kind. I'm still a little meh about it because it doesn't match the texture of my hair & holds curls a lot better than my natural hair...which means if I curl my hair & the extensions & my hair falls flat, I'll have random curly hair on my lower layers. I do like that it's natural hair & not synthetic, so I don't feel like I'm wearing Barbie hair.

Also, the flash on my camera did nothing but highlight my bra...so this is what my sister suggested I do to help conceal it:
Fabulous, dontcha think?

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  1. Whoa, HIGH heels! And you're up high up in the sky right now! And where did your waist go? It...shrunk. Now I have to go do some sit-ups.

    I know, good idea huh? I think boobie tassels are really gonna hit the fashion blogs by storm! It's the new Dany!

  2. i could never walk in those shoes! i'd fall flat on my ass in 2 seconds! hahaha.

    omg, the cover-up is hilarious!

  3. oh you're so funny! hahah
    & WOAH to those heels, Love them!! :D They look great on you !

  4. you look great, especially after it being the end of the day...you don't even want to see me at the end of the day, it's not a pretty sight. hell, you don't even want to see me at the beginning of the day before i have any makeup on. let's just say there's a small window where you might catch me looking somewhat decent but otherwise i look like crap most of the time :P
    those shoes are great, my sister has them and i'm so jealous! but you're right, they're sooo high! the first time i saw her in them i was like wtf how'd you get so tall? then i saw the shoes :P
    oh and that last picture is great :)

  5. Oh la la! Im diggin' those shoes!! I wish I was shorter so I can rock those. :)

  6. wow. that belt really cinches your waist! i may have to consider that look. love everything about your outfit!

  7. hmm...you totally rock those shoes. too bad it's getting too cold in Toronto to wear shoes like that.

  8. holy moly 6"...! those would make me normal height.


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