Sep 1, 2011

Summer-Fall Transition

I bought this "leather" (haha, it's not real leather) jacket at Loehman's for...$70!!  I went online for a reference photo & the real leather one costs 10x as much.  Talk about steal!  Same brand, same cut, but no animals were skinned AND I still look FAB, lol jk.

We got a question on AskPhivy about how to pair a leather jacket, and I mentioned printed or loose dresses...THIS is totally what I meant.  The jacket easily transitions this summer-time staple into a more fall-appropriate outfit.  Plus, I mean, I don't think I'll ever take this jacket off.  EVAR.  I'm sweating in my office right now, but IDUNCURR.

h&m maxi dress, max studio pleather jacket, shiekh shoes

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  1. This is what Maja would wear when it's too cold for those shorts shorts (although, would she REALLY sacrifice showing her legs because of chilly weather?)

    Good steal!

  2. OMGWTF Steph, you look like Norah Jones!! SO JEALOUZ

  3. What a cute outfit! I love the leather jacket paired witht he stripped dress! Great outfit/post! :)


  4. FANTASTIC skirt! lovely post :)


  5. I've been meaning to get a black "vegan" leather jacket too! But it's so hard to tell how they'll really look when you're looking at them online. Instead I have a white leather jacket that I never want to take off! Would you suggest a print underneath it as well? So far I've only worn it with jeans.. but I don't really wear jeans that much these days

    Love your smile in the last picture - super cute profile pic status!

    Jen Hatesu

  6. beautiful ensemble! super chic :)

  7. Nice! I just found a leather jacket also! Fall/Winter can't come any sooner in TX! :)


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