Dec 10, 2012

Start the Fire

I've been trying to wear more prints lately - slowly but surely. But because of Fall and Winter, I've gravitated towards plaid, houndstooth and other graphic prints, versus floral and softer prints. I have to admit, it makes an outfit much more interesting and is easier to pair with a lot of my solid tops. Easiest outfits ever!

It was my good friend's (and groomsmen) birthday, so we went to Sayers in Hollywood, where we proceeded to run into Jamie Foxx. Did I talk to him? Nope, I'm too chicken! But I do say I've partied with him now...SO LA.
f21 plaid pants, fruit of the loom men's wifebeater, max azria jacket, charles by charles david booties

And randomly, KEN JEONG was in the place. He overhead me saying, "Hey I want a picture with him," and graciously took a photo:


  1. You totes remind me of Gwen Stefani in this outfit!

  2. What Rachee said! The minute I saw your outfit, I immediately thought 'So Stefani!'


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