Apr 26, 2015

Back...For Good?

I love to blog. I really do.

I also really love my readers (if I have any left!)..but as I'm sure you guys know, blogging IS. HARD.

It's a lot of time, effort, and energy...but it's also an outlet for creativity.

I work 40-60 hours...but it's also rewarding.

I run out of things to write about...but it inspires me to be creative and resourceful.

Ok, I'm literally doing a cost-benefit analysis, sorry.

Anyways, I'm back...hopefully for good. Can you guys keep me accountable? (Like a diet, if I tell everyone I'm on one, then they'll remind me when I'm scarfing down my second order of fries).

Also, Ryan's started to take my blog photos - and it's always way better to have someone there versus me standing in front of a brick wall, ha.

Well, back to why you're here: the outfit! This Zara basic dress admittedly shrank, but is still a good go-to dress for Fall/Spring with its 3/4 sleeves.

Can I tell you the most expensive part of my outfit are my shoes? My sunglasses were 2 for $12 from Charlotte Russe (hello!).

Btw, what happened to AskPhivy? I can't figure out why the old domain nearly gave me a virus?! (WTF IS HAPPENING?!)

Meanwhile, let's use askphivy.tumblr.com to avoid any confusion...sorry guys, I know what a pain this is.

Questions? AskPhivy.TUMBLR.com / IG / SnapChat: hoisinivy

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  1. Welcome back beautiful! Gorgeous photos & I am loving this entire outfit! Looking forward to seeing your posts more often ;)


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