Nov 17, 2010

Royal Dream

So I guess my hopes of marrying Prince William is shot. Bew. [insert Rye Bread saying, "But you have your prince right here."] [cue my eyeroll following that]

I've had this dress for awhile now, since 2007, but I always felt it was just a tad short (maybe because my mom would walk behind me & say "YOUR BUTT IS HANGING OUT"), but maybe I shrunk (or I got sluttier) because it's not AS short as I remember it to be!

I wore this to eat at The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills with a colleague of mine. We had their $55 tasting menu where they bring their most popular items out tapas-style. It was great! Some of the highlights include their mushroom risotto, tomato-spread on toast, modern olives (I have no idea what those were - they were just juicy olives that exploded in your mouth), caprese salad, and cotton candy around foie gras (amazing!). Their desserts were also tasty, but it was their tasting menu that stole the show.

dress from francesca's, shoedazzle shoes, accessories from h&m & nordstrom

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been working on eating healthier, exercising & trying to live a better lifestyle. So I've been walking / running almost every morning; it's only been my 3rd week & I try to go at least 5x per week (with one weekday & one weekend break). The entire route is about 3.2miles, so while not anything extensive, it is a good amount of walking & running a day. I run about 1/3 of it, walking the rest. It could be my mind playing tricks on me, but I definitely do *feel* better & have started to look forward to it. I use streetlights as markers, making sure to add an extra "running" leg every week. It feels good when you start off heaving for air on the 4 lightposts that I ran don't seem so bad the next week. Hey, gotta start off somewhere! Rye also started to run, but he's a night-runner (I prefer mornings), so to really make sure I hate my life, I started to run both. We'll see how long this lasts...

by golly, is that muscle definition?! i was honestly happy! talk about motivation!
I used to eat whatever for breakfast - old fried rice, cup-o-noodles, or pop-tarts. But when my boss called my pop-tarts "breakfast diabetes" and my sister said I would DIE if I kept eating those things, I decided that to start off my day on a good note, that included a healthier breakfast. So I've also started to make breakfast smoothies every morning & am getting pretty creative on what to throw in my Magic Bullet (not a sexy toy). I change it up every week, adding different fruits & juices, but the base is always:
+ 1 banana (for creaminess texture)
+ 2 - 3 spoonfuls of non-fat vanilla yogurt (currently trying wallaby's australian style...thinner texture than what I'm used to)
+ 1/3 - 1/2 cup of carrot juice (not as tasty as OJ, but hasVitamin A & D)
+ handful of frozen fruit (this could be frozen berries, peaches, or mangos)

For snacks, I've been eating 1/2 of 2 pieces of fruit (pears, apples & bananas are my favorite) & a boiled egg (SORRY OFFICE). Lunch is usually lighter with a salad & homemade dressing - my sister has this thing about preservatives. Afternoon snack is the rest of the fruit.

For those of you who are interested in my GMAT journey (snore to everyone else), this is my second week of class & we've reviewed the first writing portion of the Argument Essay. The funny part about it is I said, "I can write a pretty damn good email, even proposals & presentations...but man, HOW LONG has it been since I had to write an argumentative essay?" Completely different style of writing. I have to take my 1st practice exam this weekend as well as catch up on my "homework" - which are more questions & quizzes. I realize that having my class 2x a week wasn't a great idea - there is simply not enough time from one class to the next to catch up on all the reading & practicing, so I spend a lot of my weekends playing catch-up. My goal is to take my exam in the beginning of February. Who's with me? Anyone in LA who wants a study group? No creepers please, lol.

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  1. This part made me lol: "pears, apples & bananas are my favorite" It reminds me of those fun bios for ZOO ANIMALS. lol. "Mimi the fruit bat's favorite fruits are pears, apples, and bananas!"

    Wow, keep up with the workouts! Glad that you're feeling better inside AND looking better on the outside!

  2. i love those shoes!!

    i've been trying to be healthier too, but i haven't been very all. i'll be healthy one day then eat a cuponoodle the next. i've got to work on my commitment!

    keep it up!!!
    yay for hot muscle definition!

  3. Hi, I've been a regular subscriber to your blog and I love all the picture posts and things you share. I especially enjoyed your post today. Keep up the work out!! I've recently started running... not a fan but I do think I'm *feeling* healthier (it's been 2 weeks). =)

  4. You are hardcore. I think the last time I ran was like two years ago. :(

    I've been trying to eat healthy recently... but a box of pumpkin pie flavored pop tarts were calling my name at the grocery store. SO YUM. but SOOO BAD. :(

  5. Cute dress! I was sad to hear he was engaged too!

  6. THE BAZAAR! i've been dying to try that place! did the caprese have the liquid mozzarella spheres?

  7. I'm planning to sign up for GMAT classes (most likely Kaplan in Pasadena) and test around June. Where are you taking your classes?

    Btw, you're really motivating me to start running again. Being healthy is so hard especially during this time of year :(


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