Nov 2, 2010

Halloween...Party on Wayne!

While most of the world can't wait to dress up, most Halloweens I find myself dreading it...every year, girls seem to use this as an excuse to dress up like slutty ERRTHANG. Slutty cat, slutty character from a movie that just came out, slutty angel (srsly?) & now even slutty Chewbacca (not joking, it's sold here). Last year I went as RYE BREAD (not joking again); this year, Rye wanted to go as Lou & Andy from BBC's Little Britain...and while I love their skit, seriously?

In fact, we weren't really planning on going out at all, but at the last minute threw together costumes. Rye went as Wayne from Wayne's World & I went as Cassandra. I should have gone as Garth, but Rye knew that I didn't want to go as a guy...AGAIN. If we went out again, I would have...I'm a trooper.

So I threw on the lace dress seen here, bought a pair of gloves, and strapped on my Rock Band guitar! Ryan bought a black shirt, a pair of $13 jeans from Target (so he could rip the knees out), and we actually embroidered the hat - talk about commitment! I will say the one sucky thing about being Cassandra was...if Rye left my side, NO ONE KNEW who I was!! I looked like a random girl in a lace dress with a fake guitar...sigh.

Anyway, it turned out to be a pretty good time with the same group of friends...for your enjoyment, pictures!
cassandra wong, kanye west, a lumberjack, wayne, andy warhol, a hippy
cassandra & wayne
andy warhol (equipped with a campbell's soup can that he drank out of the whole night) & kanye west
lumberjack (equipped with a felt beard, lol)
I hope you had a spoOoooky Halloween! I stayed in on Sunday to give away candy...but only TWO trick-or-treaters came out! WTF? What are kids doing these days? Who's going to eat all the candy? me.

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  1. lol!! I would DIE if you were those Little Britain guys.

    Fun costumes > Slutty errthang

  2. ahahah i love the dude w/ the soup can GENIUS

  3. such fun!!!
    i didn't dress up. i was pretty sad about it. you guys look great!

  4. hahaha, NICE costumes! ;D

    && I was thinking the same thing. Compared to what I'm used to (and how things were when I was little) there were hardly any trick or treaters this year :P

  5. you guys look great! looks like you had a lot of fun too! i had a pretty relaxed halloween this year, but that was ok by me bc i wasn't really in the partying mood

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