Nov 11, 2010

Excuses, Excuses...

Hey errbody! Sorry it's been awhile, I'll give you guys a rundown on what's been on the haps. And no, one of the updates isn't that I started talking like that, lol.

Over the past 2 weeks, I've:
+ been trying to eat healthier (making my own smoothies in the morning, eating sensibly, much more veggies & fruits)
+ started to run & walk in the morning
+ started my GMAT course
+ got a CT scan
+ cut a chunk of my thumb off (not related to CT scan)
+ stopped curling my hair in the morning (see #2)
+ finally unpacked my suitcase!

Last Saturday, it was my BFF's birthday. She turned 28...and then proceeded to tell me that we have been friends for 20 years. TWENTY. 2.0. It hits you hard when you realize in one year, your friendship can buy liquor. That's a lot of years! She had her bday dinner at Cafe Sevilla in Long Beach; attached to the restaurant is a club where all the young kids go...and we realized that we know we're in our late 20's when we're having dinner when they're in line to go drinking. Sigh.
h&m sweater dress, js dany platforms, h&m accessories, snoopy band-aid
Because I've started to walk & run in the morning, I've stopped curling my hair, which has led to less than ideal postings; but I promise to get back on it.

OH! A couple quick stories (two involve blood, so just a head's up if you're squirmy...or are eating lunch):

While making amazing (if I do say so myself) baked potato chips, I cut part of my thumb off with a mandoline...hence, the Snoopy bandaid on the 4th pic. It bled everywhere, including on my phone - I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to try to TEXT with a bleeding finger.

While getting my CT scan (precautionary, don't worry, I'm not dying), they had to inject me with a dye for contrast - the technician missed my vein on the first try so asked for the resident doctor to come in & help. The doctor then proceeded to insert the hyperdermic needle in my other arm...but FAILED to attach the dye...and blood started squirting everywhere. On the floor, on my arm, and most likely on them! Luckily I was NOT looking, but Rye Bread saw the whole thing. Awesome.

Earlier this week, we went to Benihana (my all-time favorite restaurant) & you know how they sit you next to random patrons? One of the gentlemen I was sitting next to, leaned over, and asked if I enjoyed reading. When I replied yes, he then proceeded to give me a postcard for a book signing for his book The Power of the V. V does not stand for "voice." Seriously, this is the image of the book:
It's basically about how women need to EMPOWER themselves with their V(ajay) and take control of our love lives! Written by a man...I almost wanted to go to this book signing to see what it was all about.

In other news, I am going to get on posting about my trip to DC & MD. I'm also finally getting back on the ball with cooking...will post some food pr0n soon! I also started my GMAT course, it's only been the 2nd class, but so far we've gone through A LOT of material. I haven't studied the homework yet, but I did take the diagnostic. Let's just say I did as expected, but it was a big reality check. I'll post more about the GMATs in another post as this one's already dragging on...even I'm bored of myself.

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  1. You look absolutely stunning and your hairstyle like this looks sooo pretty! I love it. How do you make it so perfect? And ahh about mandoline :( I myself too have been going back to eating healthy and running, isn't it such a great feeling afterwards? :)

  2. UGHHHHHHHHH both of those BLOOD stories always makes me squirm! Squirmy wormy! I can't get over how HIGH those heels are!

    I like how the "V" looks like a Check-into-Cash. Vadge...CHECK!

  3. OMG. if any of those blood-stories happened to me, i would've passed out!

  4. ahhh that is HORRIFYING. mostly because they missed your vein and you had to get stuck multiple times. i'm terrified of needles.

    i'm also a little terrified of my mandolin, which is why i haven't used it in so long. what were you cutting?

  5. Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GMAT here: . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

  6. I still love those shoes! Wish I could find them in my size! I hate needles, I would have been freaking out if they couldn't find the veins and had to keep poking around!


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