Dec 6, 2010

New Friends

No seriously. I consider them friends. Premature? Perhaps. Do I care? NO! As one of the lesser (read: un) popular girls in high school, I love that I consider my readers & fellow bloggers my friends. Like if I ran into one of you guys down the street, please say hi, but do expect an awkward hug. Perhaps even a little pelvic thrust.

On a whim, Issa & DRU!!! from WeWearThings visited LA & we took this opportunity to finally* meet. Melanie of WreckedStellar & Becs of StyleWithBenefits were at the Holi-Pop-up event at Space15Twenty, so we it was just one big blogger meet & greet!

*apparently my digitally-close relationship with Issa, Erica & Tramanh has made people believe we've been friends for awhile...i have yet to correct this

Btw, I promise to do a makeup / outfit post...I just realized my past few posts have been a visual diary, which...I mean, gets boring, even to me. I got a few great steals from PMN, so I'll be showcasing those soon!
becs, jeannie, melanie, issa, dru!!, me
this guy came up to us & told us he worked in radio. i was not surprised.
i have a new girl crush on issa!
a twin sandwich! love these girls! they got amazing feather extensions done by a local vendor; i'm sad i didn't do it. maybe next week!
A key question I got when I told my friends (and Rye Bread) that I was going to meet with these girls was "Are you going to dress up?" After going back & forth for awhile, I opted for my new fave jacket & jeans...a good compromise, no? But you better believe I did my hair & make-up! We also talked about bloggers we did & didn't like. Well, they did before I came...I wonder why it got so awkwardly quiet when I showed, jk.

Here's to new friends! (Raises my coffee mug)

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  1. sooo fab to meet you finally!! omgeee, i re-read that dude's business card & he does NOT work for Kiss FM. his card tells people to request his song on Kiss FM (along with giving out the request line)! posting my pics this week too. your hair & makeup are just as pretty in person. :) def. stay in touch!!

    xx, becs

  2. cool!
    lol, your blog buddies are totally giving "Am NOT impressed" looks at that pink sweater guy.

  3. FUN! How exciting!! :)

    Your hair looks fabulous, so jealous :)

  4. Hey lady! So great to finally meet you! Hahaha, we'll dish on bloggers next time we hang out :) xo, mel

  5. Yay! You guys are so cute!

    And knowing how small Melissa is IRL, YOU GUYS ARE SO TINY.

  6. haha you're so cute, I'm sure you're quite cool IRL!! Sounds like a fun time! I totally thought you all knew each other too.

  7. SAME HEIGHT FRENDZ. i liked this day. we must do again sometime!


    i love your boots. have i told you that before?


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