Dec 10, 2010

Tonight, Tonight

Rye Bread is a HUGE fan of musicals.

Me? Not so much.

But maybe that's because he grew up with them (and two older sisters) and like the closest I've come is the high school musicals my school (horribly) performed. So it's kinda a big divide between us because he's such a huge fan & I just don't have the experience or knowledge around them. I mean, when I watch them, I like them, but do I go "OH MAN I HAVE TO SEE THIS MUSICAL?" No. That makes him sads... and makes me think I'm barking up the wrong tree.

We saw West Side Story at the Pantages Theater & like I said, when I actually watch musicals, I thoroughly enjoy them - this was no exception! Loved the choreography & I didn't realize how many songs I actually knew. West Side Story has completely infiltrated everyday pop culture without me realizing the references.

So I bought this dress like over a year ago & I never wore it because it I CANNOT BREATHE. But I braved it. Also...why no one dresses up for the theatre anymore?
banana republic dress


  1. You look SO cute in that dress (you know what they say, you must suffer for fashion :P) Hehe. I love musicals too!


  2. you look so classy/beautiful!

    also, i totally dress up for the theater, though i often feel out of place :P

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  4. I also have a dress that I rarely wear because it's a tad too tight. I call it my 'cheap date' dress because it means that I can't go out to eat in it, LOL.


  5. kind of futuristic-looking dress! I like the "shining star" detail below the neckline.

    Pft, yeah, i guess you and i have the same demeanor when it comes to musicals. Only when we DO watch them we're aMaZeD!

    I bet Rye is still giddy about that night hah.

  6. OMG, you look so hot, Steph! I'm loving the dress SO MUCH. Breathing is overrated anyway. LOL

  7. Wow, Steph is it? You have such a beautiful face! You're sooo pretty!


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