Dec 13, 2010

PMN: Chains & Roses

When I met up with Issa a couple of weekends ago, she was gracious enough to bring a little present courtesy of PMN. It instantly became one of my favorite shirts to wear! I did the sniff-test on this one too. Looked clean enough to me.
thifted shirt, american eagle shorts, js dany platforms
We had our "inner sanctum" Sekret Santa exchange last night at Jones in Hollywood. To help ease the gift-giving process & avoid the dreaded sole gift card exchange, we all made a list of 3 or more actual things we'd like (in addition to a few stores that we wouldn't mind getting gift cards to). For instance, I listed a french coffee press (which I did get!), Rhona listed a DVD set or some weights, Tim listed a baseball cap & books, Anthony listed a KCRW membership, & Arthur listed items from Uncrate & J.Crew...
whoa where IS my HAND going?
"zomg you got me a j.crew shirt!...WTF i said XS! this is an S! RETURN IT IMMEDIATELY." "but we couldn't find XS at J.Crew" "UNACCEPTABLE"
chu know me mang

early johnny depp years with 21 jump street. a baseball cap that fits tim's noggin'? that's a first.
classin' up my mornings with a french press.
...When it was Rye Bread's turn to list some items...he only listed places he wanted gift cards to. BORING. We wanted GIFT ideas, not gift card locations. After several emails making fun of him (including he should have asked for the United States of America Gift Certificate, aka: cash), he amended his list to silver bullion or the Chinese Yen (being a smart ass). As luck would have it...*I* ended up getting him (son of a bitch! I already have to get him a gift, now I have to get him ANOTHER one?) what did I get him? You got it. SILVER BULLION! That's what he gets for being a smart ass about our gift exchange. He had no idea I would go that far...SURE DID.
anthony says "i wish my gift would appreciate in value"
As you saw in my other pics - we got a Christmas tree! I've never picked out a Christmas tree before, but I had this fantasy that it would be after sunset, on a cold winter's eve with a thermas full of hot cocoa under a string of lights...well cut to last weekend where it was over 80-degrees with a 40-minute line. But I was able to bring Ezio, so that was a plus.
on the car ride to home depot
"omgwtfbbq, i am not moving yet i am going somewhere"
"is THIS the right one? this is the THIRD tree!"
"please don't pee on the floor...mehhh you just am i going to clean this up?"

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As a gift for dealing with all of my is an outtake!"me so go night night.."


  1. I love that festive top!! And you rock that red lipstick like no other!


  2. ezio is adorable!!!

    omg...21 jumpstreet! looove that show.

  3. Wow, totally SoCal christmas exchange attire. Fancy on top, functional on bottom for the 80-degree weather. haha.

    Ezio so cute! But when did his tongue get so, ping pong paddle sized?! haha

  4. That shirt is so different. I would have passed that on the rack, but the more I look at it on you, the more I'm really starting to dig it (do people still use that term? :/ ) Issa sure has a good eye!

    Garnier wants you to rock your style this season! Enter Part 3 of my Holiday Giveaway Bonanza to win a special Garnier prize pack!

  5. great top!!!

    visit my blog if you like and follow me please:)


  6. the shirt looks great on you! =)

  7. Are you kidding me? Your "outtake" is beautiful!

  8. haaaaaaaa SILVER BULLION

    what's he going to do with it???

  9. Girl, you look super amazing with red lips!! I feel like a clown anytime I have anything remotely red on my lips.. ugh. I need to find the perfect shade... so the hunt continues.

    Lovin' your shirt and your hair is fabuous too! It's perfect.

    Well, I hope you're enjying your weekend. Fun blog btw.

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. Haha. Your captions are too funny! Love the blouse on you and can your hair get more curly-perfect? Your dog is SO adorable!

    xx, becs


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