Jan 10, 2011

A Much Needed Recap

I know I've been MIA for awhile now, mostly because my smugmug account (aka sistah's account) was not allowing me upload pics, so everything was just sitting on my hard drive. What's the point of blogging without pictures?

So I'm back from the O-H-10, which was amazing. The weather couldn't be "better" (relatively speaking) - I had a white Christmas, but the snow quickly melted when it hit 50-something degrees, making it hard to go sledding, but easier to go shopping. PRIORITIES PEOPLE.

This post will be some highlights of photos to quickly recap the holidays...and I'll be back to fashuns / outings / makeup postings quickly hereafter.

On Christmas Eve, it's Rye Bread's family tradition to spend it at his parents' house:
banana republic dress, hermes bracelet (my christmas gift!)
my "growing" family
rye bread: united colors of benetton sweater, club monaco slacks / ezio: mickey mouse sweater
rye bread's cousins

Cut to my red-eye from LAX to Ohio
my ohio-based family
martin + osa button-down, citizen jeans
christine: express shirt, american rag jeans
red lips for my nieces

I decided to stay in Ohio for NYE, as I haven't seen my family in quite awhile. So I was scrambling after Christmas trying to find an outfit to wear.
h&m lace top, f21 skirt, chinese laundry heels, hermes braceletmom: "we're late! what are you doing?"
me: "taking pictures"
mom: "why?!"
me: "for my blog"
mom: "okay i want a picture too"

my dad taking a shot
my cousins & mom having fun on the dance flo'
my turn to dance with my mom

I spent the entire week between Christmas & New Year's with my family & we went to the zoo, the mall (a lot), and ice skating. It's good to be back in LA, but I already miss my family!

How were your holidays spent? Any good presents? Because, let's be honest, that's all I care about. New Year's Resolutions? Do you guys even believe in those anymore?

OH! I just got nike+, so find & add me as a friend if you guys want to start running challenges, username: hoisinivy (of course).

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  1. Wow, Ezio is so FASHUNS! haha. Yeah, look at us in Ohio lookin fancy! No country bumpkins here!

  2. aww you all coordinated! also, is your xmas tree huge or is my mind not resolving something correctly?

    your legs look about 10 miles long in your cl heels and your puppy looks SO SOFT OMG

  3. hermes bracelet!!! aaah! i'm jealous!

    love all the pics.

  4. Love this recap



  5. hahah so cute how your family is all coordinated in white shirts! Your mom is so pretty :) Sounds like it was a fun-filled holiday!

  6. Ok. how come Vietnamese mommys are always so stylish and hip and young-looking?!! You and Phistyle's moms are both so stylin. My mom wears pastel twin-sets with matching kitten-heels. Come to think of it, kind of like Umbridge in Harry Potter.

    Anyway, glad you're back and had a good holiday!

    BTW did you see the formspring Q on phistyle about you stalking her friends? SO HILARIOUS.

  7. Wow, your mom is pretty! I see where you got your smile from :)

    Glad that your holiday turned out so fun. Family time is always the BEST.

  8. so much fun over xmas! and you look lovely. the red lipstick really glams up everything!


  9. What a beautiful and family you have. Love the new years outfit.

  10. Shoot girl, your family is so beautiful! You're lucky to have such a large family too!

    I love what you wore for New Years. You can never go wrong with some leopard print!

    Let's plan to meet for coffee sometime!

    xx, becs

  11. Looks like you had a great time!!! You look amazing! ANd I want your puppy!!! :-)


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